If the purpose of technology is to make our lives easier, better, smoother, and simpler, it’s an obvious yes—give us all of the most advanced gadgets. The rub? How many of these productivity-enhancing devices aren’t pleasing to the eye. Style-lovers have a hard time accepting something into their lives if it’s not aesthetically appealing, even if the look isn’t the point.

With a fresh year on the horizon, along with the corresponding pledges we’re all making to better ourselves, we rounded up some tech- and style-savvy favorites.

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The laptop

Prestige 14 Laptop


Our personal computers worked overtime in 2020, reminding us how vital a lightweight, hardworking laptop is. Equally important? Finding an option—like this quick-charging, speedy new MSI Prestige—with an elegant exterior that matches its best-in-class performance. 

You can choose from four social feed-worthy color options: Carbon Grey, Pure White, Urban Silver, and Rose Pink—because it’s way more enjoyable to handle everything on your to-do list using a laptop that looks really pretty on your desk, too. 



Instead of having random chargers stashed all around your space, create a dedicated top-up spot that you won’t mind leaving out permanently. This Italian leather option is so chic you’d never guess it was actually a tech item. 



The Mirror, basically a human-size tech device focused on bringing boutique fitness chez vous, has quickly become the newest it-workout essential on social media. Beyond being an intriguing new way to get your body moving, the minimalist look and sleek lines will add to your interior.


The light

The Glow Light



The new tweak on alarm clocks that mimic the sun might also be the prettiest. This orb is designed to help you segue into sleep with warm light that will gradually fade away as you go through your normal PM routine. 


The glasses

Kelvin Whiskey Tortoise Glasses

Felix Gray


There was a time and a place for experimenting with fake glasses, opticals picked purely for sartorial flair rather than any vision-correcting. If you still secretly dream of needing readers, you’ll love the stylish side effect of blue-light blocking lenses.

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