He said Bruno Munari “Complicating is easy, simplifying is difficult”. And he went on: “To simplify you have to remove, and to remove you have to know what to remove.” Holy words. The Hamburg designer Bernhard Osann (42 years old a few days ago) seems to know very well what to remove and how far to remove. “I try to simplify objects,” he says, “to reduce their complexity.” Just see the portfolio of his works. Above all, they are lights that in their clean lines remind us of how much the studies of sculpture before those of industrial design are important for him. It is the Italian Nemo Lightning to have in the catalog its linear, graphic essential luminous shapes. Now, on the subject of table light we have seen a lot and yet the Untitled it detaches itself from everything.

© Michele Branca Piero Fasanotto

Starting with the chosen name which already seems to reject any denomination, almost understood as a useless tinsel. Few, precise lines interact with the space, designing a shape that can be modulated as desired, without its flexibility being “disturbed” by electric wires, tie rods or other. Made of matt black painted extruded aluminum, Untitled is equipped with joints for flexible and dynamic positioning of the light which obviously is Led. Here we present the version with the linear luminaire in polymer loaded with glass fibers that rotates on itself, but there is also the more “traditional” one with cylindrical spot lighting body in aluminum. The on board dimmer is positioned on the stem of the lamp. It soon became a family, Untitled also exists in the floor version (always with the two lighting bodies of your choice).

© Michele Branca Piero Fasanotto

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