With Kamala Harris the purple coat returns to the protagonist of the trends. Here are 8 models to copy the style of the vice president of the States

Everything he wears Kamala Harris, the first vice president of the States, it has a meaning. This is why there was a lot of curiosity about the outfit he would have shown off at the oath on the day of the inauguration. And indeed the message was there, why chose a purple designer coat Christopher John Rogers. A dress of the same color could be glimpsed under the outerwear. And it was precisely this nuance that wanted to communicate something very important to the world. Purple, in fact, evokes a sense of solidarity and unity, as well as being the result of the mix of blue and red, colors that represent the Democrats and Republicans respectively. A way to promote cooperation and alliance between American parties and with the entire population. Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton also made the same choice for the same reason. Since then the purple coat has become a much sought after trend on the web. We have selected for you the coolest models from sales and new collections.

Look at the gallery dedicated to the purple coat.

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