If some time ago we talked about the trendy spring jackets for the Men fashion of 2021, without mentioning the new men’s trench coats, it is because we already had in mind to dedicate an in-depth speech to this emblematic garment of the mid-season wardrobe. The reinterpretations of the stylists, in the new spring summer 2021 collections, range from the most essential, to the artistic, from the sculptural to the hybrid one; presenting the men’s trench coat in a variety of new and current reinterpretations, however capable of maintaining that mysterious charm of the original model.

The classic par excellence, the trench coat Burberry, in the new men’s fashion collection spring summer 2021, designed by Riccardo Tisci, is perhaps the furthest reinterpretation from the original. The outerwear is transformed into a long vest, which loses the sleeves but retains the double-breasted buttoning, the decorative bands on the shoulder straps and the triangular flap on the right side of the chest. It also preserves the traditional fabric, gabardine, but embellishes it with a multicolored motif of marine inspiration.

Another extremely original reinterpretation of the men’s trench coat is that of Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. The design of the most famous of the raincoats mixes with that of a single-breasted tailored coat, to convey in a new hybrid outerwear, half trench, half coat. A subversive creation that reflects the most authentic essence of the late founder of the English brand.

Definitely over the top, the reinterpretation of the men’s trench coat that Jonathan Anderson made for the men’s fashion collection Loewe spring summer 2021. A raincoat that could be defined couture, due to the dramatic silhouette, with an abundance of fabric that, from the sides, drapes on the back of the outerwear, to form an egg-shaped silhouette reminiscent of those of the first French couturiers.

More measured and, definitely, easier to wear, the reinterpretations of the men’s trench coat proposed in the new ready-to-wear collections for 2021 signed Ermenegildo Zegna, Michael Kors Collection is Salvatore Ferragamo.

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