Fabric expertly cut on kitchen tables and then dyed in the gardens. This is the poetic image it offers us Alexander McQueen to tell the story of the creation of her haute couture dresses for pre spring summer 2021.

The collection echoes the mid-20th century silhouette, including sweetheart necklines, soft shoulders and over-the-top skirts, proposed in a romantic and ultra-feminine color palette in shades of pink, dotted with brushstrokes of black.

To achieve this scenic effect, a tie-dye effective but consistent with the imagined design, various operations and experiments were performed: the garment was cut, modeled, unstitched, dyed, reassembled and stitched up, numerous steps to satisfy creative expectations.

The emblematic garment of this collection that manifests this with redundancy and opulence meticulous work, is the organza dress (originally thought of lace) in oyster white, albion pink and black. The fabric, recycled from the archive stock, was cut directly in house by one of the tailors of Alexander McQueen: once all the pieces were obtained, the haute couture garment was shaped and recreated a fascinating degradé effect which rises from the hem towards the cape neckline. The most delicate work was to mount each flounce, one after the other, to create the harmony between tie-dye and sinuous waves.

A true masterpiece that tells us about the majesty of the tailoring work that each Alexander McQueen suit represents.

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