Fashion trend 2021: pantajazz pants. A revival of the early 2000s that will accompany us in the coming months. Here street style outfits and some tips on how to wear them

They will replace the leggings? Or is it a revival that looks to the 2000s with sweet nostalgia? The fact remains that i pantajazz they caught our attention, because they were spotted in some street style outfits. Curiosity has been tickled, and we have sensed the return of this trend.

These trousers they are recognizable thanks to the very adherent jersey fabric along the thigh ready for open like an elephant foot, more or less wide, from the knee down. A valid alternative for those who do not like leggings and tracksuits but at the moment require a smart garment, therefore as versatile when comfortable. A fashion item that comes from the world of dance and that fashionistas wear with pleasure with sturdy shoes with an important soles, such as boots and chunky loafers.

Note in its variant total black, there is no lack of colored, clear or patterned variations: the latter more difficult in styling but which offer fertile ground for creativity.

© Jeremy Moeller

© Jeremy Moeller

© Streetstyleshooters

© Streetstyleshooters




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