Do you want to keep your feet warm? We have selected the coolest fur slippers of the moment

The months of lockdown forced us into the house, perpetually in overalls and slippers. 2020 was the year of pajamas and gods leggings, so much so that even fashion has adapted, as often happens in these cases, to the new needs of consumers. And this is how once apparently distant trends have gradually made their way into our hearts. In conclusion, comfort has won over glamor, sneakers on high heels. At home, the place where most of every day is now spent, away from prying eyes, there are those who have taken off a few whims, unleashing clothes and accessories once banned from the common wardrobe. An example? The fur slippers.

Chiara Ferragni, Peggy Gou, Naomi Ross © Instagram

True, models and It-girls – read Gigi Hadid, Peggy Gou is Chiara Ferragni – have been showing it off for years, combining them with jeans and T-shirts, fluttering dresses and so on. However, superstars aside, fur slipper fans have grown a lot in the last period. The latest sold out of the model in the shape of a teddy bear by Vetements and the Instagram feed, full of shots where the multiple variants of furry slippers attract attention. In addition, there are the fashion shows. Brands of the likes of Balenciaga, Celine, Coach is Molly Goddard, in fact, they brought the trend to the catwalk consecrating it definitively for the spring summer 2021.

Balenciaga spring summer 2021

Celine spring summer 2021, Coach spring summer 2021

Molly Goddard spring summer 2021

And if this summer we could all find ourselves at the beach with the new slippers by Hedi Slimane, for the moment we can start wearing them comfortably within the walls of the house. The proposals, of course, are many, but among the most celebrated of the moment we have selected 10 options that – in addition to guaranteeing the maximum comfort – in our opinion they are the easiest to take even outside, perhaps combined with casual chic look which usually work well with chunky shoes. Among these could not miss the mythical ones UGG Fluff Yeah, available in an amazing color palette, the legendary ones Crocs Clog, obviously in the padded version, and the luxury models of Gucci, Louis Vuitton is Prada. Now, the choice is yours.

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