Larissa Iapichino he has very clear ideas about his future, as well as the determination necessary to make all his dreams come true. And, for now, it’s definitely on the right track. Fiorentina, born in 2002, courageous and beautiful, after a first experience with artistic gymnastics she embarked on the long career – in the footsteps of mom Fiona May and dad Gianni Iapichino – just as she wanted since childhood. A final year student of the Leonardo da Vinci high school, Larissa looks forward to enrolling at the university, where she wants to study law, which for her is a true vocation. In the meantime, awaiting the final exams and qualifications for the Tokyo Olympics 2021, enjoys fashion, another great passion that led her to pose for RED Valentino, of which she became the face for the spring summer 2021 collection. For the occasion, we interviewed her and here is everything she told us.

Our exclusive interview with Larissa Iapichino

What role does fashion play in your life?
Fashion has an important role in my life since, from an early age, I followed my mother to the fashion shows where she was a guest. So I started following trends, evolution of looks, brands and styles. Fashion soon became a passion and both my parents gave me a great aesthetic sense. I love to dress in a romantic and at the same time a little rock style, with original, unconventional details, I am always attentive to the accessory, bag, belt or shoe … especially the bags that are my passion and I started collecting. I take care of my image, and I do it even when I compete, paying attention to hairstyles and manicures, perhaps matching some accessories in the hair, or in training by combining tops and tights with rest or running shoes. For me the details make the difference and are synonymous with refinement and my personal style, which I cannot do without.

For REDValentino you posed as a model, can you tell us how it went? What are the looks of the collection you prefer?
The collaboration with REDValentino was my first structured experience in the fashion world. Posing behind the lens and being the face of REDValentino is a dream come true. The brand values ​​reflect my personality: romantic and at the same time original, out of the ordinary. The team was fantastic, I had a lot of fun with the look changes and I was always assisted in the best possible way. The atmosphere was very familiar, which made the professional commitment of the day a real pleasure. The thing that amazed me most is that I was completely at ease, despite being a little shy, everything happened naturally. My favorite garments… very difficult to choose between the looks I wore and interpreted, each one was special for me. When I saw all the items sorted ready for fitting, I smiled like a child. If I really have to choose, I really love the long black and white evening dress, the elegant total black sports suit and the red dress, which for me is a distinctive look of the brand.

Today you are an athlete and an aspiring law student. Was that what you dreamed of doing as a child?
Exactly. These were my dreams as a child, one day to excel in sports and put things right, I love justice and enforce it.

Last year you broke your record with the long jump. How much training is behind such an important result?
Behind every important result there is a mix of training and the ability to express the best in the race, which is not obvious. Currently I train 5 times a week about two and a half hours at a time because I still have to reconcile the mornings of teaching with my sporting commitment. In fact, behind my results, in addition to training, lies my willpower, determination and spirit of sacrifice that often leads me to put aside my hobbies. It is a deliberate choice that leads me every day to dream and have fun in what I do.

What are your goals and resolutions for 2021 as an athlete and a young woman?
My main goal for 2021 is to have a good result at the Nairobi U20 World Cup, for which I am already qualified, and to improve my records even more. 2021 is also the year of the Olympics. I do not deny that it would be wonderful to be part of the Italian expedition and I hope to go to Tokyo too. However, I am still with my feet on the ground because my qualification will be played between May and June. As a young woman, my good intention is to get a scientific high school diploma with good grades and then undertake my university career, inspired in part by my father’s brother, Uncle Alex, who is a lawyer and lives in London.

You have over 30,000 followers on Instagram. Do you feel you are a role model for your peers?
Many write to me to tell me that I am an inspiration for what I do, especially in sports, for my great determination and for the way I face life. This really makes me feel proud because I am just myself, I have no filters with the people around me and I am glad that spontaneity is appreciated.

What are your models of life instead?
Those who fight for their dreams with determination and manage to be happy even with the little things.

The song you can’t get out of your head right now?
Blinding Lights by The Weeknd.

Your favorite places in Florence?
Very difficult choice. I love Florence and its innate beauty that I rediscover every time I walk downtown. My top 3 is made up of: Piazza della Signoria, Piazzale Michelangelo and Ponte Vecchio at sunset.

The trip you can’t wait to organize?
Lately I have been very curious about the Middle East: I would like to visit Dubai, Abu Dhabi, explore the desert, and maybe even visit Morocco.

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