For the days of January 20 and 21, hundreds of thousands of women have arranged to have a very special date: wearing a string of pearls for Kama Harris. The initiative, needless to say, started from social networks on the initiative of Hope Aloaye who, in December, launched this initiative to celebrate the vice president.

But why pearls?

A role was played by the style of Kamala Harris, who chose pearls as her own fashion statement, but the meaning that Hope Aloaye linked to the jewel was even more relevant. As she revealed to for “Pearls are a symbol of women’s strength”. “I compare pearls to women because pearls come in various colors and shapes and sizes. But they always remain precious. I think this is a beautiful thing.”

In fact, as he points out People, pearls may have an even deeper connection with Kamala Harris’ life. During the years of Howard University, in fact, the vice president had joined the sisterhood of the Alpha Kappa Alpha whose nickname was precisely “the pearls”.

However, there was no shortage of famous names: the latest in chronological order was Jamie Lee Curtis who published a post on Twitter in which, in addition to wearing pearls, he revealed that he wore an elegant dress on the occasion of the ‘inauguration day which, due to the pandemic and isolation, “had not done for 9 months”.

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