The color of the Inauguration Day 2021 is purple, the word of the female protagonists

The elected vice president Kamala Harris, the former First Lady Michelle Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have more than one thing in common. First of all, they use fashion as a communication tool. And secondly, for the Inauguration Day 2021 they all made the same choice, deciding to show off the purple color. The three protagonists have chosen different tones, but the message they wanted to convey is the same.

THEViolet, in fact, evokes a sense of solidarity and unity, as well as being the result of the mix of blue and red, colors that respectively represent the Democrats and the Republicans. A way to promote cooperation and alliance between American parties and with the entire population. But let’s get into the looks.

The outfit chosen by Kamala Harris for the oath is signed Christopher John Rogers and consists of a coat and a dark purple dress.

Kamala Harris – January 20, 2021

© San Francisco Chronicle / Hearst Newspapers via Getty Images

Hillary Clinton dared with a bright purple trouser suit by Ralph Lauren, with matching scarf and burgundy coat.

Hillary Clinton – January 20, 2021

© Rob Carr

Plum tones for the complete Michelle Obama signed Sergio Hudson and consists of long coat, turtleneck and high-waisted trousers with maxi belt.

Michelle Obama – January 20, 2021

© Rob Carr

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