“Call My Agent” returns with the final season on Netflix

Irreverent, surreal and unmissable: there French series that tells the vices and whims of celebrities, Call my agent !, prepares to fourth and final chapter on Netflix on January 21. The original title, Dix pour cent (ten percent) refers to the percentage of the fee a star donates to their agent. On paper, this professional figure protects his client, provides him with contracts and collaborations, but in reality she becomes a sort of babysitter and psychologist for the artists she follows. He knows, in fact, unspeakable secrets and uncomfortable truths, and he must maintain a decent mental balance in order not to be overwhelmed by the madness of the stars. In twenty-four episodes, Call my agent !, entertains, moves and amazes with truly unsettling irony, through the background of festivals, awards and sets. And it promises a truly exciting grand finale.

The protagonists of Call my agent

The plot

The ASK agency (Agence Samuel Kerr) is one of the most renowned in Paris, because the partners are authentic sharks capable of obtaining the most advantageous agreement without fear of getting their hands dirty and resorting to the most creative tricks. The most ruthless of all, Mathias (Thibault de Montalembert), he is an agent of the past generation, one of those men who shakes the wrists of anyone who sees him enter a room, unable to play fair. Arlette (Liliane Oak) she is older than him and decidedly more eccentric, always with the little dog Jean Gabin in tow. Yes, he has the name of the famous actor and yes, he is his whole family because he has always immolated his private life on the altar of his career and is a true “hound” in the profession. The style of Andrea (Camille Cottin) he is direct, brazen and persuasive: despite his neuroses, clients hang on his lips. To close this four aces we think Gabriel (Gregory Montel), the only sweetheart with a heart of gold in the group, who becomes fond of the assisted as if they were puppies to be saved and therefore never manages to put stakes on their requests. Around them revolve “the young” and ambitious aspiring agents and aspiring actors, including, surprisingly, Mathias’s secret daughter, Camille (Fanny Sidney).

The cast of Call my agent

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Red carpet follies

The strength of the series, in addition to brilliant writing and a first-rate fixed cast, is based on theendless list of guest stars, to which an episode is usually dedicated and which teases with exquisite self-irony. Each artist actually plays with his own image, overturning it and displacing the public. The femme fatale Monica Bellucci, for example, in the third season she decides she wants to look for a boyfriend among “normal” men, mere mortals far from the world of cinema. Isabelle Huppert, a few episodes later, he freaks out Mathias because he behaves like a rebellious teenager and accepts set roles at the same time, sneaking from scene to scene to avoid multi-million dollar fines. Juliette BinocheInstead, in season two, he makes fun of the Cannes Film Festival and sits blissfully in his room eating pizza from a cardboard box with a boy toy. And what about Jean Dujardin? For two episodes of the third season he refuses to leave the character, a hermit of the woods, and decides not to change his clothes, not to wash himself and not to resort to modern comforts and then he places himself in the backyard to sleep on the ground.

Gabriel (Gregory Montel) and Monica Bellucci

French and costume series? Here you are served

Names and surnames

Scene after scene, names and surnames are made even of the absent, gossiping about the vices of the cast and crew of a certain film or series and vitriolic jokes about the talent (or more often about his absence) of this or that filmmaker. They all lend themselves, from Claude Lelouch to Cecile de France, and stage curtains of all kinds. There is the star greedy for gadgets and the kleptomaniac, there is the depressed and insecure one and the crazy one, there are those who lie shamelessly and those who just can’t keep a secret. The showbusiness landscape has never looked so daring and human: the stars, descending from the pedestals, present themselves in all their confusion and, at the mercy of hypertrophic egos, often do damage of unimaginable proportions to which the agents, like skilled jugglers, try to repair.

Jean Dujardin in Call my agent

The fourth season (++ spoiler alert ++)

To close the events of the ASK in style, we start with the follies of Charlotte Gainsbourg on the eve of the delivery of the César Awards (the French Oscars). The diva, tired of dramatic roles, wants to give herself to the stand up comedy. We then move on to Mimie Mathy’s thirst for revenge, who at one point feels so neglected by the agency that she even takes home the agency’s coffee machine. Franck Dubosc ends up on an indie set, with no dressing rooms or assistants, and finds himself shooting senseless scenes in the middle of the street as the French basketball star Tony Parker snatches a magazine cover from under his nose. Director Valerie Donzelli throws herself into lavish praise of the wrong talent and Jean Reno wants to leave acting. Yet the real spearhead, queen of comedy and sorceress of self-irony, proves herself Sigourney Weaver. The Alien diva, who robs the airport macaroon boutique and refuses any suite other than the top of the Hotel de Crillon, the Marie-Antoniette, gives everyone a hard time while keeping fit on the treadmill roulant overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

Tony Parker in Call my agent

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All good things must come to an end

The most painful farewell belongs to the main protagonists, who are – each in their own way – at a crossroads in life. Andrea has a newborn daughter who has so far entrusted to her partner because she has a grueling work pace and cannot manage it. Mathias risks losing his feathers, too stressed and under pressure from new professional challenges. Gabriel finds himself cornered and has to choose between career and love while Arlette always has a few tricks up her sleeve. Enemy-friends, sometimes rivals and other times allies, they all find themselves grappling with another shark of the trade, Anne Marivin, who plays Elise, the spearhead of a competing agency. New tricks, old strategies and a few backlashes accompany the audience towards the farewell of one of the most brilliant series of recent times.

Sigourney Weaver in Call my agent

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