The news comes from Lady Whistledown herself: season 2 of Bridgerton, Netflix’s event series is a happy certainty, it will arrive in spring. Less than a month after their arrival on TV, the adaptation of Julia Quinn’s novels continues with new episodes, focusing on the second novel of the saga, The viscount who loved me (Oscar Bestseller Mondadori). If the public continues to be passionate about love stories in Regency sauce, many other seasons are expected, one for each child of the famous nineteenth-century aristocratic family (here the order in which they should take place, according to books).

Official confirmation

The our first guesses have been amply confirmed by this message from the famous social media writer who has the voice of Julie Andrews in the series:

“After the gossip of the last few days, it is an honor for me to tell you that Bridgerton will officially return for a second season. I hope you have set aside a bottle of ratafià for this delightful occasion. The incomparable cast of Bridgerton will return to the set in the spring of 2021. The author was reliably informed that Lord Anthony Bridgerton intends to dominate next season. My pen will be ready to report all his vicissitudes of love. However, kind readers, before you leave room for requests for sordid details, know that at the moment I am not inclined to report any particular. Patience, after all, is a virtue. Yours sincerely, Lady Whistledown “

The setting of season 2

Considering the structure of the first season of the series, it can be said with aplomb that Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, eldest son of the house and heir to the title of the late father, will take over in the next episodes. What will happen to Sister Daphne and Simon? There will, of course, as happens in Julia Quinn’s second novel, but marginally, along with almost all family members, their friends and a small circle of British high society.

Anthony (Jonathan Bailey)


The setting of the book is no longer London, with its strict labels, royal protocols and Grosvenor Square townhouses in London. No, this time we move to a less formal and more casual environment, countryside.
Anyone who has carefully watched the first eight episodes will have noticed at least two hints to Aubrey Hall estate of the Bridgertons. The first at dinner, when Lady Violet invites the Duke of Hastings to visit his family in the countryside, the second comes from the youngest of the Bridgerton clan, Hyacinth, when he asks permission to play pall mall and the eldest son grants it to don’t touch his lucky club. It seems a minor detail, instead it anticipates one of the crucial moments of the second season, as well as framing one of the most hilarious situations of the whole saga. The family it is very competitive and the color of each player’s clubs often determines their fate.

Anthony’s story

During the first season, there are equally cryptic references to Anthony’s story, although some involve the entire family. Let’s start frombee that appears everywhere, from the front door to the carriages, from the window to the details of the hairstyles and represents a bit of the symbol (albeit inauspicious) of the family. At 38, one of his stings was fatal to the late viscount, Edmund, and since then the fate of the protagonists has changed dramatically, especially that of Anthony who found himself, still very young, in the role of the head of the family. And since that horrible accident took place in the countryside, the estate remained uninhabited for years.
When you hear the mother Lady Violet referring to the pocket watch of her late husband, now in Anthony’s possession, it is not just the classic British comment on the time but a real “memento mori” or rather “tempus fugit”. The boy knows that life can be cut off in an instant and it is his duty to procreate an heir shortly to pass on the dynasty. Of course, with three other brothers there is no danger that the Bridgerton surname will disappear, but a noble of the Kingdom must honor the privileged position it requires.
When, during the duel, Anthony entrusts his father’s object to his second son Benedict, this gesture takes on a highly symbolic meaning. A little less when flirting with the soprano Siena between the sheets of her apartment or against a tree and is distracted by the ticking of the hands, but this too is part of the character, a libertine who has to put his head on his shoulders.

Anthony (Jonathan Bailey)

The viscount and love

Without anticipating anything about who will become the viscount’s better half, just know, as the character says at the end of the first season, that Anthony has a cynical approach to feelings. Not just because he likes to woo women and seduce them, but because he doesn’t want to leave a wife he loves alone. It seems a contradiction but it is not: since he is convinced that he has only a few years ahead of him to live and that therefore he will die young like his father, he does not want to suffer at the thought of abandoning a wife to whom he is really attached. From his point of view it is better to procreate an heir as a duty but without putting emotions in the middle. In the book, as in the series, it is clearly seen, but – as we know – that the soul mate, at least in fiction, arrives when one has now given up on finding it and distorts everything. Small warning: whoever made the type for the Anthony-Siena couple, get ready to fall madly in love with the woman who will steal the heart of the viscount, because she is one of the most incredible characters in the saga. And how could it be otherwise? She will hold the Bridgerton legacy together and must live up to the current matriarch, Violet.

Anthony (Jonathan Bailey)

The actor who plays Anthony

Jonathan Bailey he auditioned for the role of Simon, but luckily he got Anthony, so he’s absolutely perfect. Brilliant, very nice and obviously sexy, will be able to make you dream at least as much as your colleague Regé-Jean Page but with more panache. What’s more, he has very clear ideas about the concept of masculinity and gender equality: he proudly belongs to LGBT + community and manages to combine sensitivity and virility with admirable ease. His ideal crush? Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. Impossible to contradict him, therefore. In less than a month from the airing of the series, his followers on Instagram they have more than tenfolded and he continues to collect not only glamorous covers but also messages of activism and social commitment. Surfer, a lover of music and animals, he also sports a nerd soul as well as breathtaking biceps. What else?

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