Spring summer 2021 jewelry fashion looks to vintage: 70s style necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings

How many times have we heard of the 70s with its flared trousers, knits and dizzying platform shoes ?! Yet i jewelry, precisely in this decade, they become an element aimed at expresses personality and character, a sign that they are not a revelation of a status: 70s jewelry is a wonderful medium for celebrate style and tell about yourself. And it is through some pieces, chosen or handmade and then worn, that we ask in some way to be noticed for who we are.

Between humor and extravagance, the creations of spring summer 2021 they look to vintage jewelry: necklaces with flavor gipsy, very long and multi-stranded, charms to collect around the neck or wrists, metal and geometric bracelets, rings with colored stones with a mystical flavor, jewelry made of different materials, such as ceramic, glass, enamels, plastic, wood and leather. A provocation of abundance, matter and creativity, which wants to be exhibited and noticed.

Below is our selection of 70’s style jewelry to wear:

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