A photo-gallery dedicated to the most beautiful engagement rings seen in the fingers of celebrities in the last 20 years

It is not just a question of “size”, but also of purity, cut and design: in recent years we have seen love stories arise and then fade, but some have remained indelible engagement rings for their exquisite workmanship.

Grace Kelly received two tokens of love, while Liz Taylor collected husbands and rings: but which jewel has recently made its way into our hearts? David confirmed his love for Victoria Beckham 14 times but, as we know, it is not the quantity that is the real added value. Other stars have staked everything on candy-sized diamonds: majestic and catalysts of the most discreet looks, often the greater number of carats was however inversely proportional to the duration of marriage.

Excluding i solitary of the royals and the most interesting pieces of Hollywood divas, here we have selected for you engagement rings most beautiful seen in the last 20 years. Which one would you like to receive?

Lily Collins

Natalie Portman

  • Groom: Mr. Benjamin Millepied
  • Engagement ring details: in the center we find a large vintage central gem, surrounded by a certified micro diamond crown conflict free.

Jennifer Lopez

Amal Alamuddin

  • Groom: George Clooney
  • Engagement ring details: emerald cut diamond solitaire set in platinum setting

Emily Ratajkowski

Camila Alves

Olivia Wilde

  • Groom: Jason Sudeikis
  • Engagement ring details: central diamond an emerald crown, a piece that dates back to 1921.

Samira Wiley

  • Bride: Grace Morelli
  • Details of the engagement ring: a mega squared-cut diamond mounted on the bias on a gold band. The couple is known on set Orange is the new black.

Katy Perry

  • Groom: Orlando Bloom
  • Details of the engagement ring: the proposal arrives on Valentine’s Day, the future groom chooses a ring in the shape of a flower (thus playing on his surname “Bloom”), a vintage piece with a central pink stone, surrounded by diamonds.

Kate Moss

  • Groom: Jamie Hince
  • Engagement Ring Details: The token of love arrives for the 36th birthday, a vintage style ring with a central diamond and micro diamonds along the band.

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