Grace Kelly loved them. Here are her outfits with the dancers to be inspired by

We have already announced the return of dancers with the season Spring Summer 2021, explaining that they will also be the protagonists of extremely contemporary reinterpretations and combinations. But the more classic side of this beloved bon ton shoe will not leave us, of course. Here because the style icons that have interpreted them in the past will continue to be inspiring with their magical and timeless outfits. As we know, the dancers come from the French Revolution. And in France they are proposed for the first time by Repetto, in the 1950s. Capezio soon made them in patent leather with ankle ribbons. The stars will then launch them into the fashion world: Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. If the former had a strong bond with the dancers because she had shown them on the big screen, the princess of Monaco, on the other hand, enthusiastically welcomed them into her wardrobe and wore them very often. The gossip wanted that Grace had chosen them as a passepartout in order not to exceed the height of her consort, Prince Rainier of Monaco. However, anyone who knows the story of the splendid actress well will know that she wore them even before meeting the man of her life, giving life to super chic combinations, which have simplicity as their common denominator. Here are five different ways to wear ballet flats according to Grace Kelly with combinations that are still very current today.

1. High-waisted male dancers

In 1954 Grace Kelly sported double buckle ballet flats with a masculine-inspired outfit consisting of a white short-sleeved shirt, high-waisted trousers with pleats, with cuffs, and a tone-on-tone belt that highlights the waist proving that ‘mixing’ was already in trend in those days.

2. The dancers with the lady-like outfit

1954. Grace Kelly is photographed on the streets of Palm Springs, California, wearing a refined suit consisting of a wide midi skirt celebrating the ‘New Look’ silhouette, launched in 1947 by Christian Dior, and a wool twinset. And there is no better match for the dancers, which perfectly complement this super chic ensemble.

3. Ballet flats with check print pleated midi skirt

This shot portrays Grace Kelly between takes on the set of The window on the courtyard by Hitchcock, in Paramount Studios. The actress combines the red ballet flats with a pleated plaid skirt and a classic white shirt.

4. The ballerinas with cropped jeans

Everything looks good with jeans. Including the dancers. This extremely casual and relaxed outfit has sported it to promote The window on the courtyard. The actress wears a paisley print shirt, high-waisted dark jeans with cuffs, and her black double buckle ballet flats.

5. The dancers with shorts

With this 1950s look Grace Kelly proves that you can flaunt super short shorts and stay super chic. Just choose a retro silhouette and combine it with ballet flats, and maybe an iconic garment like a marine twinset. The secret is to focus on the great fashion classics.

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