According to Chanel, leggings are worn with a skirt: a guide on how to wear this fashion trend in 2021 to have a casual (chic) ​​outfit

Not even two decades have passed since Virgine Viard’s fashion for Chanel offers us an outfit that all of us, in one way or another, have already tried: wear the leggings with the skirt. The statement is clear and does not escape anyone, just look at the opening look of the Métiers d’Art 2021 collection: a wonderful Vittoria Ceretti wearing a candy pink suit (fitted jacket plus miniskirt) and a pair of gray leggings. This is why we decided to talk about this trend, how to wear it, because we are sure that it will find fertile ground for its ease of replication.

Loved, pulled and interpreted, the leggings have entered our daily life for a long time now: first as a leisure garment then as a symbol of sports loungewear. Thanks to the situation we are experiencing, where the wardrobe is reduced to one capsules of basic, casual and chic garments and accessories. The Chanel stylist looked into a rather hot issue, that is how to wear the fateful leggings without looking sloppy or messy, and so he provided his point of view: wearing them with the skirtbe it short or long. Here are six style lessons we learned:

  • Avoid the black stain: the leggings must match the rest of the look, for this reason we find a wide color palette on the catwalk.
  • The color of the leggings can be chosen to match the shoes, daring with bold colors such as electric blue.
  • Coordinates are always a good idea: leggings play down the rigor of a tweed suit.
  • Not only with miniskirts: you can with pencil models and central slit or midi lengths, even with a circle cut.
  • Mark the waist with a belt to slim the figure.
  • For the evening you can wear leggings with an asymmetrical dress with a slight train.

Below are the most beautiful looks, leggings plus skirt (or dress), signed by Chanel:

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