In 2021, yellow returns to shine, even among the colors of marriage. Advice on how to use or wear it

Illuminates, warms and infuses new energy: this color brings with it all the joy of the sun. Far from the redundancy and opulence of gold, which befits a more baroque theme, yellow draws its strength from nature: from the light of the first days of spring to the expanses of wildflowers, to the summer fruit par excellence, the lemon, to the yellow leaves of early autumn. A hue that declines with gaiety, one of the bridal trends more in vogue, that of refinement more natural.

In the frame of a wedding, the yellow color cannot be missing in an infinite series of details: curtains, elements of the mise en place, lights, flowers, details of the wedding cake, invitations, bow ties, clutch bags, shoes, crowns of the bridesmaids“- this is how Gloria Guerinoni of Fall in Love Wedding Planner explains, providing various and varied ideas to use the different shades yellow.

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The fashion of 2021 is just a happy accomplice since among the Pantone colors we find the Illuminating yellow, in combination with the Ultimate grayThe yellow in its brightness refers to heat, the warmth of the climate in all senses: both the atmosphere of the event and the reference to the climatic season that in weddings for the most part, you know, is the summer one. This year there is a strong need to warm the spirits after the forced hibernation of the past year. Then the pearl gray and light cream are pleasantly illuminated by the intense yellow; it’s the color or how the flavor we want to give to our being together again“.

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It is not the only color palette that you can adopt: yellow, from the most subdued to the most intense shades, goes well with pastel blue, more or less bright pink, robust burgundy, forest green and more candid white.

Atelier Emé – The company has activated the virtual appointments service, to help the bride in choosing the dress and bridesmaids.

Yellow is the new trend line, here is a selection of Pinterest images to be inspired by:

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