“Can you keep a secret?”: The film based on the novel by Sophie Kinsella told by the protagonist, Alexandra Daddario

After seeing the mannequins bewitching Becky as sirens, the protagonist of I love shopping, to instigate her in the excessive use of credit cards, it is time to meet another heroine from the novels ofi Sophie Kinsella. Emma, ​​star of Can you keep a secret? (Mondadori publisher), arrives up Amazon Prime Video January 20 with the film based on the book of the same name and has the face of Alexandra Daddario.
The 34-year-old New Yorker, who we saw in the saga of Percy Jackson and in the film adaptation of Baywatch (his brother Matthew is the sex symbol of the Shadowhunter series), he had anticipated the emotions and the background on the comedy to Alice nella città, during the Rome Film Festival, with the English writer and director Elise Duran. Today this it-girl has 18 million and 700 thousand followers on Instagram. Not bad, right?

Alexandra Daddario and Tyler Hoechlin in Can you keep a secret?

The story of the film

Emma is the careless and naïve side that every woman would like to keep hidden for as long as possible. Not that she is stupid, in fact, she has great potential but can hardly believe it, so she looks for a shortcut to get the role of marketing assistant by “pumping” the resume. However, when the flight on which she travels undergoes serious turbulence, she believes she is one step away from death, so she confides every secret of her life to the fascinating stranger sitting next to her. By a twist of fate, the mysterious man is Jack Harper (Tyler Hoechlin by Teen Wolf), her super boss. Quirky and very romantic, like all the stories signed by the British bestselling author, this time too hits the mark.

Alexandra Daddario and Tyler Hoechlin in Can you keep a secret?

Here is what the protagonist, Alexandra Daddario, aka Emma, ​​told us.

What relationship do you have with your Italian origins?
I studied French at school, so they don’t know the language like my cousins ​​who speak it fluently. My grandfather was called Emilio and dad was born in Rome and I really care about my roots.

How do you feel Italian?
In the love of food. I like, for example, cooking both pasta and pizza, even though I’m mostly an American girl.

What, then, attracts you to the capital?
I am passionate about history so ancient cities like Pompeii or Rome, which exude art, fascinate me a lot because it always seems to me to be transported back in time when I walk through their streets. Travels to Italy allow me to see things in the right perspective, they make me feel human and even small, especially when I realize that some situations of the past have remained the same. The United States, by comparison, was born yesterday.

Compared to Can you keep a secret?instead, how close do you feel to Emma?
Emma, ​​like me, is attracted to simple things. I am one who focuses on work, yes to real things and knows who she is. Instead in this role I have access to other feelings that don’t normally belong to me… besides of course this teenage long hair and very little make-up.

Alexandra Daddario, Sophie Kinsella and director Elise Duran

© Alex Mezzenga

Emma is uncomfortable in her shoes …
Absolutely yes. They understand how she feels because when I was in high school I didn’t feel I belonged to any school group, I didn’t have high grades and I was a bit weird, too loud and with my head always in the clouds, taken by a thousand fantasies. Not that I did it to receive attention, mind you, but over time I learned to accept myself, without paying attention to the judgment of others. Otherwise you condemn yourself to unhappiness.

Emma is not really someone who would ask for sentimental advice and her?
For me, a relationship is based on chemistry. I have had several that lasted more or less, but in all of them I sought emotional intimacy, as well as truth and compassion.

And the passion?
Sex is exciting at first, like butterflies in the stomach, but then they pass. The mystery is okay, when you know each other, but then you have to share almost everything, the secrets remain sacrosanct but they cannot affect the rest.

A cliché to dispel?
Often people confuse passion with constant struggles and exhausting jealousy, but the real passion lies in peace, in seeing the person next to you for who they are. With age I have learned to love in a different way, that overwhelming feeling that risks burning you no longer matters.

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He believes in the art of compromise in the couple?
Sometimes I have carried on relationships after their natural expiration date, now I have stopped. I still haven’t found the person with whom I have decided to share my life, the one to compromise with, but I know that the will to love requires commitment. Take the film, for example: secrets divide the two protagonists, but to get closer you need a meeting halfway.

One of his flaws?
I’m very bad at setting limits (even cleaning, but that’s another story), sometimes I say too many yes to protect others.

New Year’s resolutions?
Learn to listen more, as well as collect criticism and no with greater diplomacy.

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