All-over black according to 2021 fashion trends

“With black you are never wrong”. “Black never goes out of fashion”. How many times have you heard such phrases? Well, it’s all true. Between fashion colors, flawless black he is the one most endowed with these great qualities. Just think of the Little black dress that has a very long history, and that will never leave our wardrobe. But great classics aside, how can we wear black today in an innovative way? We have selected for you 4 total black street style looks that perfectly illustrate how to interpret black according to 2021 fashion trends.

Cropped cardigan + shorts + flat slingback

A comfortable but super cool look, like a real it girl. It is completed with a bag, tights and monogrammed pendant.

Bustier + midi skirt + mules with heels

Black also rhymes with elegance. And this sophisticated leather outfit with a sculpted top is the best example to highlight it.

Boiler suit + turtleneck + combat boots

Leather is the protagonist again, this time in a masculine-inspired outfit. A belt highlights the waist, enhancing the silhouette.

Duvet + trousers + amphibians

Choose oversized down jackets and play with contrasts, for example by completing a strong look with a super chic detail, like a lady-like it bag.

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