As time passes, we begin to discover new things about the protagonists of the future US and world political season. And, specifically, on Kamala Harris, the new vice president of the United States whose public life and political successes have been extensively reported but whose private and more personal world now remains to be discovered.

Like the Obama before her, Kamala seems to want to give a very human imprint to his institutional figure, in sharp contrast with the stardom of the Trump (inscrutable, inaccessible yet so cumbersome) also through some revelations about his private life. One among all? During a two-person interview with Douglas Emhoff Kamala revealed (not without surprise to her husband) that she had Google searched him.

“A friend of mine had set up a blind date,” the vice president said. “And she told me to trust her and not google Doug’s name. Of course I did.” And Doug? Recalling their first date leading up to their happy marriage (they’ve been in for 8 years), the lawyer said he asked a friend for help during a Lakers game. “We were there at the Staples Center and I said” What do you think? I should write to you “and in fact I came up with this message like ‘Hey, it’s Doug’. Really embarrassing.

But in the end, the important thing is that it worked, right?

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