Is it possible to detoxify and lose weight with the help of herbal teas and botanical drinks?

Herbs and botanicals are often mentioned in several detox diets as an ally to get rid of swelling and water retention, as well as eliminate toxins and consequently lose a few centimeters. However, to be sure that a particular substance purifies with as many effects on the organism, there should be a scientific confirmation (as the surgeon Sofia Bronzato recalls in this interview) but, at the moment, there are no data and studies that confirm the effectiveness that the habitual consumption of herbal teas helps to purify the body. Herbs or roots don’t work miracles. The ritual of preparing the infusion, however, is a very valuable aid for hydrate the body, especially in winter. And this also applies to Chinese teas such as pu-erh, oolong, green tea ( including Matcha ) and white tea.

The herbal teas they are excellent allies for the functioning of some organs that have the task of purifying the body, such as the liver, kidneys and intestines, as well as favor the elimination of surplus toxins and waste. Their consumption, if combined with a diet, can thus help you lose weight (thus losing excess fluids and those annoying centimeters) hydrating the body: it is no coincidence that even hot infusions are part of the hydration pyramid by Nicola Sorrentino, dietician and hydrologist known for water diet.

Now let’s see together what the star detox, between plants, herbs and roots, which can help.

Herbal teas to discover

  • Ginger and lemon: better to opt for fresh ginger cut into thin slices and the addition of lemon juice. This herbal tea is delicious hot, while in summer it can become an excellent thirst quencher. In both cases it helps to drain excess fluids.
  • Star anise or fennel seeds: two important allies for relieving the feeling of abdominal bloating, as well as aiding digestion. Better to take it after meals.
  • Artichoke: its leaves require an infusion of 10 minutes; the preparation promotes the elimination of toxins from the body. Its particularly bitter taste can be mitigated by a teaspoon of honey.
  • Dandelion or milk thistle: both stimulate biliary function, thus helping purification.
  • Birch: promotes the elimination of excess fluids, stimulating diuresis and thus fighting swelling, heaviness and retention.

Against stress, botanical drinks

Between alchemy and trend, the botanical infused drinks have found their place in the market beverage: they are products that can accompany everyday life without increasing psycho-physical stress, given by liters of coffee (and therefore caffeine) and energy drinks rich in sugars. These natural proposals are gods adaptogens, i.e. substances that are able to increase the body’s resistance to stress of various kinds; the action, therefore, is not aimed at an organ but strengthens the activity and efficiency of the organism. Delicious elixir to be consumed throughout the day or in a non-alcoholic cocktail, prepared according to the art of mixology.

Botanical drinks help to overcome states of stress thanks to herbs such as lemon balm, theanine and American ginseng: the goal is to feel calmer, more balanced and acute, to face difficulties with serenity. A great alternative to alcohol or the numerous cups of coffee (!).

The trend has also tickled the interest of some Italian entrepreneurs who have proposed their Made in Italy version: Holy is a drink devoted to Welfare because it contains low sugars and a concentrate of vitamins, minerals and extracts of herbs and roots that help replenish the body and maintain the right level of hydration.

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