On the third day of the Milan Fashion Week 2021, when we almost got used to looking at the new collections of Men fashion through a screen, the parade Prada fall winter 2021 by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons comes to insinuate in us the doubt that, perhaps, the digital form we are experiencing is not really enough for us to the full, reminding us of the intimate and personal desire for contact and our innate need for exchange and relationship.

The need for sensation and the pleasure of tactility translate into an endless series of textures and fabrics that we find from the settings to the looks of the new collection. Jacquard knitwear with geometric motifs and leathers are combined with re-nylon, tweed bouclé and classic wool pinstripes in sometimes traditional, sometimes unprecedented colors, seeking the concept of sensory stimulation.

The models with the looks of the new Prada men’s collection travel through different environments, to the incessant rhythm of Plastikman’s electronic soundtrack. Each room awakens the senses, thanks to the multi-textured backdrops with brilliant colors in marble, resin, plaster and “faux fur”. Abstract spaces can be understood at the same time as internal and external, hard and soft, warm and cold: in a continuous duality that leaves room for interpretation.

«We talked about experimentation and freedom, about the possibilities from explore with colors, surfaces and sensations. The collection starts from the senses and sensibilities. Right now we lack tactility, to be able to touch things. The garments offer a reassuring sensation of humanity and sensoriality. There is a very intimate side to clothes, which in a sense refers to the nakedness of the body. It’s about the human need for sensuality. “Miuccia Prada

We find the same duality in the silhouette of the collection, in reduced clothes with a minimalist structure. The “long johns” suits in jacquard knit create a second skin that outlines the movement of the figure in motion. Some are proposed alone, others make up outfits with dresses and outerwear, to express a sense of protection and exposure, juxtaposing naivety and awareness, intimacy and detachment.

«The tactile sensations were the heart of the project and brought us back to the physical, the tangible and the real. The collection is physical, the clothes envelop the body and invite you to be touched, a gesture that has a profound evocative power in a moment when everything is so digital and ephemeral. “Raf Simons

The single-breasted and double-breasted coats develop on straight lines, detaching themselves from the body; even the bombers are generous in size. The leather garments alternate with bouclé and pieces lined in geometric jacquard fabrics, proposing a wardrobe capable of stimulating the senses and awakening desire with an exciting mix of colors, patterns and surfaces.

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