Donald Trump he is probably not having the best time of his life. After the attacks on Capitol Hill, many personalities have decided to distance themselves from the former president on several levels: from the investment banks that have decided to “cut” the funds of the GOP, to his own party which is divided (and attempt) from the hypothesis of voting for impeachment, from his wife Melania up to the cinema.

Mom I flew the plane – I got lost in New York

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It is in fact news these days the birth of an online petition to eliminate the scene starring Donald Trump from Mom I flew the plane – I got lost in New York. We are talking about a famous cameo in which the then owner of the Plaza (and now former POTUS) meets Kevin McAllister who asks him where the hall is and he points it out.

As the director revealed Chris Columbus, the request to be present in the film came directly from Trump himself who, in addition to asking for payment for the use of the Plaza for filming, imposed his presence in the film.

Mom I flew the plane – I got lost in New York

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But now the situation seems to have really changed also because the petition had the support of a really famous face. We are talking about Macaulay Culkin, the protagonist of the two cult films, who spoke on Twitter in the discussion to support the petition. “Gone!” wrote to those who proposed the cancellation of Trump from the film, then complimented the user who had done a removal test by making the figure of Trump invisible in the scene.

And who knows that the petition does not really lead to a “revision” of the Christmas classic …

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