Irritual. Wanting to describe in a “neutral” way the way in which Melania Trump has played the role of First Lady we could say only this: irrational. Rules not written but still violated, prolonged absences, questionable decisions e outfits that made people talk: Melania has always stood against everything that “has always been done for good practice, good education or opportunity”. But now, perhaps, the boundary between non-conformism and aggression has been crossed: Melania is now alone against everyone. Against her husband Donald from which looks like he will divorce soon after his farewell to the White House but also with Joe and Jill Biden, the new President and FLOTUS of the United States. Irritual, in fact, is the welcome that the Trump have decided to reserve for the new presidential couple: on the one hand, Donald, has decided not to participate in Biden’s inauguration ceremony (which has never happened before), on the other hand Melania denied Jill Biden the usual meeting between First Ladies to discuss the details of presidential life.

And to say that, of famous and virtuous examples, Melania has had numerous. It is in fact carved in the memory of the Americans the welcome given by the Bushes to the Obamas: While George W. had prepared binders upon binders with detailed explanations of what Barack would find upon his arrival, Laura and Michelle had spent a long time together discussing what it meant to be first lady (from safety rules to how to raise children in the White House ). The same daughters of the Bush household they had become “guides” for Malia and Sasha Obama, explaining secrets and giving tips on how to have fun in that special home.

Michelle Obama herself had welcomed Melania despite the bloody electoral campaign that had seen Trump unleash numerous racist attacks (with baseless rumors) against Barack. Yet, to live civilly, even in that case the transition was peaceful and, in its own way, facilitated.

In the United States ravaged by the pandemic and injured by the Capitol Hill scenes, this latest tear could be considered a scandal within the scandal, arguably putting the end to the popularity of one of the most controversial presidents in the history of the United States of America. Waiting for the second impeachment trial to begin …

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