Lagos-based fashion brand, Irawo Studio was founded by a family of women who understand the power of communicating individuality through distinctive clothing. As such, the brand is dedicated to creating investment pieces that cater to women who are unapologetically blazing their own trail.

“The Kadara SS21 Collection embodies the beginning of a brighter dawn and a new age.”

According to the brand, the Kadara SS21 Collection embodies the beginning of a brighter dawn and a new age. A refreshing perspective we can all relate with considering the ups and downs of 2020. The word ‘Kadara’ translates to ‘destiny’ in Yoruba. As a Nigerian brand, Irawo Studio is committed to preserving the Nigerian heritage by incorporating significant Yoruba motifs in their pieces, especially from the adire eleko (tie-dye) material made with the Olokun design that has given birth to batik fabric. 

Prawo Studio Kadara SS21 mood board

The Olokun design is a recognizable symbol in Yoruba culture and the brand chose to honor the importance of history by intertwining new contemporary batik materials in their design process. The culturally-rich design is made exclusively by Irawo.

The star-like motifs that are seen throughout the pieces hone into the concept of the Kadara woman being connected to her bright destiny and divination. Her destiny is found within her. She is a resilient woman who embraces her sensual individuality and is conscious of cultivating her own path. 


According to Irawo Studio, “clothes are one of the most intimate items next to our skin and as a result, are an extension of our identities.” The pieces in this collection embodies this notion as it not only celebrates the strength of every woman but also uses artsy details, unapologetically feminine silhouettes and contemporary cuts to create pieces that any discerning modern woman would love. 

From a ruched mini dress, to a breezy jumpsuit, elegant kimono, airy pants, statement tops and detailed skirts, the collection is filled with elevated wardrobe staples in sizes ranging from XS to XXL––a true testament of the brand’s dedication to creating pieces that celebrate the diversity of the female body.


IRAWO | Kadara SS21 Collection






All pieces are available for purchase on the brand’s website

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