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The meme with the tears of the protagonist Dawson went viral even before the words “meme” and “viral” were in fashion. And, today, after more than twenty years from the first tip, Dawson’s Creek returns to the scene (to be exact from January 15th on Netflix with all six seasons). The teen drama he launched Katie Holmes (Joey) and Michelle Williams (Jen), is light years away from the sleek luxury of Beverly Hills, 90210, marked the adolescence of an entire generation with quotes from Steven Spielberg and made TV history with his first gay kiss. But that’s not all: just a few notes of the initials, “I don’t wanna wait”, to immediately return to Capeside, the fictional town where friends live at the center of the events (in reality it is called Wilmington and is located in North Carolina, where ‘his heir, One Tree Hill was also set).

Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams, James Van Der Beek, Kerr Smith, Katie Holmes

The plot in brief

Fans have dubbed the series Pacey’s Creek as the best friend Pacey (Joshua Jackson) literally stole the show from the boy who gives the story its name, Dawson (James Van Der Beek). But however you see it, it all started from the true story of the creator Kevin Williamson and his best friend of the time, who went to visit him with a boat up the creek (the famous “creek”) and then sneak through the window of the his little room with a ladder. Dawson has a passion for acting and Joey loves painting: the two grew up together, but the climate between them changes with the arrival of the first hormones and his new neighbor, Jen. Later they are joined by two brothers Jack (Kerr Smith) and Andie (Meredith Monroe) and all together form a well-assorted group where the romantic dynamics often take over.

The pop cut

With an episode dedicated to The Breakfast Club, a soundtrack that alternates Jessica Simpson with Norah Jones and some love story really born on the set (like the one between Josh Jackson and Katie Holmes), Dawson’s Creek has been able to mix high references to pop culture, making provincial life interesting with brilliant dialogue and multifaceted and realistic characters. The memorabilia from the set went up for auction soon after filming ended, but some pieces of set design are still on display at the Screen Gems Studios that hosted the shoot, from Dawson’s bedroom to Pacey’s boat, the True Love.

Here are the five cult moments that have remained in the hearts of the spectators

1. “I remember everything” (Pacey, season 3, episode 22)

Dawson’s group decides to organize an anti-prom (the anti-prom), to counter the discriminatory rules of the high school towards some students (as also happens in the recent The Prom by Netflix). During the evening Joey asks Pacey to dance and between the two takes place one of the most romantic dialogues of the entire series, which begins with the boy touching her earlobe when he notices the diamond earrings and realizes that they come from Dawson, the best friend of both of them with whom she had an affair, then quickly wrecked. Then he touches her wrist, caresses her hand and admires her bracelet:

Pacey: See this? This is up to you. It is not flashy, flashy, but simple, elegant… beautiful.

Joey: It’s my mom’s bracelet.

Pacey: I know.

Joey: How do you know?

Pacey: Well, because you told me, six months ago. You were wearing that blue snowflake sweater of yours. We were walking down the halls at school and I was teasing you as usual and you said, “Look Pacey, I just found my mom’s bracelet, so why don’t you drop it?”

Joey: Do you still remember that?

Pacey: I remember everything.

2. “You’re my best friend” (Dawson, season 4, episode 15)

Dawson and Joey call themselves “soul mates” in the most platonic way possible: The brackets that saw them as a couple didn’t work very well, neither in high school nor in college. He lives for the camera and probably for the image of himself in the “successful director” version reflected in the mirror. Instead, she understands art in its most diverse declinations, from writing to painting, and shuns the image of an ethereal and impalpable goddess that he created in his mind and that has little to do with reality, but whatever it is. remain linked. “Do you think every Joey has a Dawson and every Dawson a Joey?” She asks him in the second episode of the third season. And he, with all the tenderness of an adorable puppy, replies: “I hope so, for their good”. Only over time will the two learn to find a balance and so, some time later, Dawson reveals his true feelings to her.

Dawson: I don’t tell you that often, but you are my best friend. You’ve always been close to me. And it doesn’t matter where you are, no matter where life takes you, or who you stay with …
Joey:… you’ll always have a place in my heart.
Dawson: But it doesn’t have to be too big a place.
Joey: No, no, not too big. Just enough.

3. “I finally have the courage to do it” (Jack, season 3, episode 23)

Jack falls in love with Joey, reciprocated, but soon realizes that he is just confused and afraid. Gradually he comes to terms with his homosexuality, but initially only in theory. Only when his friends organize an anti-dance open to all for him, does he invite the boy he has a crush on, Ethan, to the party. At the best, however, he stops, as if his were a partial coming out, but then realizes that he has nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of, so he drives to Boston, where the boy goes to university and surprises him. Even if it doesn’t go as hoped, his gesture remains one of the most exciting of the series.

Jack: I took a long trip to tell you that, um, to explain something to you. No, that’s not quite what I mean. I want to show you something. I want to show you that I can, and that I’m not afraid of… of… I know there are people around, but who cares, right? That’s the point, I finally have the courage to do it.

And kisses him in the campus garden.

4. “Did you buy me a wall?” (Joey, season 3, episode 16)

Joey is used to being a satellite in Dawson’s orbit, but when she stops fighting with Pacey she realizes what it’s like to become the center of someone’s life. The boy teaches her to drive, helps her with her sister’s bed and breakfast and spends the night watching over her just by watching her sleep. And then comes the most sensational gesture of all, which was then also copied from another teen series, Switched at birth. He takes her to a mysterious place and hands her a brush and shows her an immense wall near an intersection: he rented a whole wall to her so that she could fill it with her art and express herself in absolute freedom.

Joey: Pacey, you are incredible. I mean, as soon as I thought I understood who you are, you come in and do something so outlandish that it makes me question everything in a way that no one could even remotely think … In case I haven’t told you enough, thanks.

Pacey: It was time, Potter. It was time.

5. “To love is to live” (Jen, season 6, episode 24)

The final episode of the series, set in the future, answers all the questions about the future of the protagonists, about loves, about professional ambitions and about the mistakes they try to fix. Wherever they are in the world, they return “home” and relive the emotions that have kept them together, even at a distance. What they don’t expect is that one of them, Jenhave an incurable disease. Before leaving this earth, entrusts her little girl to best friend Jack and records a video message for her that contains all the meaning of the Dawson’s Creek journey:

“Jen: Hi, Amy, it’s mom. When you see this tape I’ll be gone and I know it will be bad for both of us. So, not being able to be near you with my annoying advice, I think I’ll make a list of the things I want for you. Let’s start with the obvious: an education, a family, friends. And a life that holds the unexpected for you. Try to make mistakes, make a lot of them, because there’s no better way to learn and grow, okay? And I wish you were close to the ocean for a long time, because the ocean makes you dream, and I absolutely want you, my daughter, to be a dreamer.

God, I’ve never believed in God. In fact, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy trying to prove He doesn’t exist, but I hope you’re able to believe in God, because I understand, honey, it doesn’t matter if God exists. or not. The important thing is that you believe in something because I assure you that it will make you sleep safe at night and I want you to always feel safe. And then there is love: I want you to love deeply and, when you have found the right person, wherever you find them and whoever you choose, don’t run away. You won’t have to go hunting for your love. Be patient and it will come to you, believe me, and when you least expect it, as you have been to me, making me spend the best year of my life with the sweetest, smartest and most beautiful baby on the face of the Earth. You don’t have to be scared, baby. And remember: to love is to live ”.

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