Lorenzo Osti, how can the menswear after a year like 2020?
Without underestimating the global economic impact, which will decrease the spending power of most people, I believe when the pandemic the sector will end it will start again by itself: people will want to renew themselves and will return to buy, even if with greater attention to the quality and price of the products. But I believe that, in the meantime, it is our duty to learn all we can from this terrible experience to improve ourselves as an industry and to stay close to our consumers.

How has your way of working and designing changed? Are there new tools you didn’t think you would use and are now part of your daily life?
The way we work has changed: as it is for everyone we are on the phone or in videocall most of the time. We are learning to make the most of this new way of collaborating. Working with the subject we are certainly penalized, but this emergency has also allowed us to accelerate digitalization and improve the entire digital user experience.

What do you think will return to your business as before and what will never be the same again?
I hope I am wrong, but I think that the fashion cycles, which we have hoped and tried to realign to natural seasonality, will unfortunately return to the old ones. Unless a political choice on the dates of the sale. What we will no longer have instead is the contribution of many small brands and companies that risk not being able to overcome this crisis.

What would you save from these 12 months?
More family, less travel.

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