Michele Carillo, how can the menswear after a year like 2020?
The past teaches us that after every revolution and the great historical moments – 2020 will be remembered among them – there are also radical changes in the way of dressing and in the entire production chain of the sector. The modalities of these changes, and therefore of the restart, are still not clear and defined, but what is certain is that the fashion companies that want to project themselves into the future will have to focus much more on the set of values ​​that characterize their brands, on building a solid relationship with its customers and communicating an image of oneself that goes beyond the simple product.

How has your way of working and designing changed? Are there new tools you didn’t think you would use and are now part of your daily life?
The design methods always follow a very precise company policy, however they cannot fail to take into account the new inputs that come from recent developments: greater attention to the environment, needs for comfort garments and fabrics, easier and unstructured fits. Certainly, mobility has been greatly reduced in this period, penalizing research and close viewing of products in the various markets. Nonetheless, the technologies that allow remote meetings and calls have made it possible not to lose the pulse of the market either with the sales network or with the wholesale channel, indeed allowing to draw on valuable information for product development. And surely in the future there will still be a lot of streaming, not only for fashion shows, but also for many other sector events.

What do you think will return to your business as before and what will never be the same again?
The perennial desire to buy beautiful clothing will certainly return, probably by buying less but spending more on handcrafted clothes, of greater quality and durability, even less tied to the fashions of the moment. On the other hand, all the timing of the sector will be rethought and slowed down, from the presentation of the collections to their permanence in the stores. The way of communicating will also change, which must be more current and modern, transmitting above all pleasure and positivity.

What would you save from these 12 months?
I would save what this virus, without even knowing it, he is giving us: a new perception of the time that each of us has at his disposal. Before this unexpected and devastating experience, time was never enough for anyone, we all ran like crazy to never let us advance a little. Today, that same time has a different value, which we should be able to manage better, whether it is for our loved ones, for our passions and obviously for our future work.

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