It is not the first time that Sarah Ferguson engages in a book: there are several publications that have seen her as the author of autobiographies and above all books for children, which implies knowing how to put yourself in their shoes, not at all obvious and easy. But now, waiting to see you grandmother and maybe return to children’s literature in honor of first grandchild, perhaps taking advantage of the long time spent like everyone at home because of the pandemic, it must have been the right time for a new step for the ex-wife of the Prince Andrew: his first novel is coming in August, Her Heart for a Compass, which the Duchess announces on Instagram.

“Set in the nineteenth century, it’s a coming-of-age story that highlights the importance of being rebellious to have the courage to follow your heart against all odds.
The novel is based on one of my ancestors, so I’ve spent the last two years researching my family history with the help of the royal archives. It is a tale full of details about the Victorian era, in addition to drawing from my life experience, that’s why I feel this story very close to my heart. “
This brief and sincere description would be enough to be intrigued by the new publication of the Duchess of York which, we must say, due to its spontaneous being against the tide is among the royals (actually banned, after the scandals related to divorce, but readmitted, perhaps?) that most arouses our sympathy.

“I’ve wanted to write a novel for years, but I was looking for the right story,” says 61-year-old Fergie in an interview with People “Researching the history of my ancestors intrigued me that I shared (with a great-great aunt) a name: Margaret, which is my middle name. Since very little information exists about her, it seemed like the ideal character to start weaving my story. (…) The book tells of the journeys that took Lady Margaret to Ireland and America, which in fact reflects the same ones that I did too. “
And we imagine her in a soft atmosphere, surrounded by books and notes “I am one of those people who still writes by hand; I use a fountain pen that I designed myself for the Italian pen manufacturer Montegrappa. Every single day I’ve written this book has been a complete immersion in history. I felt I really became Lady Margaret as I wrote her, I was very sad when I got out of character. I found infinite sources of inspiration that led me to weave a magical kingdom of my own. “

Her Heart for a Compass, Sarah Ferguson

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“An intriguing historical saga that takes the reader from the drawing rooms of Victoria’s court with the grand country houses of Scotland and Ireland, to the slums of London and the mercantile bustle of 1870’s New York. Embellished with historical details and based on researched, the novel offers a compelling glimpse into Victorian England ”reads the book’s synopsis. ”The fascinating journey of a woman born in the upper echelons of society, who he wants to break the mold, follow his inner compass (his heart) and discover his raison d’etre, fall in love along the way “.

Go Sarah, go!

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