Katy Perry has decided to celebrate in a very sweet way the 44 years of Orlando Bloom. The “California Gurl” has in fact decided to publish a series of photographs of their life together never seen before to tell the beauty of their relationship.

Kary Perry, Orlando B loom

“Happy 44 years to my love, extraordinary father of my Dove and sparkling mirror that looks at me and sends me back things I can’t see” wrote the author of Dark Horse who shared shots of their holidays, of intimate moments (like the beauty “rituals” of the morning) and above all he underlined how their couple is more united than ever after the birth of little Daisy Dove.

Of course, it must not have been easy to find an equally incredible way to congratulate after the birthday card that Bloom had sent Katy Perry on October 25, her birthday.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry

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On that occasion, in fact, the actor had contacted none other than Sacha Baron Cohen asking him to take on the role of Borat and congratulate his partner. The result, needless to say, was hilarious. Seeing is believing …

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