Harry, Meghan and Archie will they return to the UK? Won’t they come back? When will they come back? So many questions to which, for now, there has been no answer other than a succession of more or less revealing clues. On one side their home entrusted to Eugenie tells the story of a farewell, while on the other the renewed (and rediscovered) relationship with William it would seem instead to indicate a possible reopening to a life also in the United Kingdom. In between the hearings for the lawsuit against the tabloids, which seems to have increasingly unpredictable developments day by day.

But now, perhaps, a date has finally been set for the Dukes of Sussex to return to the royal family more than a year after their move to the United States in Montecito, California. The appointment would be for June 2021 and, specifically, for the Trooping the Color, the parade that celebrates, every year, the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II (who, however, was born on April 24).

The Trooping The Color is, and remains, one of the occasions when the royal family usually meets in “plenary session” and it could really be the occasion when we can return to see Harry, Meghan and Archie not only within the borders of the United Kingdom, not only within the confines of royal family but also in a public event outside their home.

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Obviously, everything will depend on the evolution of anti-covid regulations and the pandemic that is currently raging within the borders of the United Kingdom because, even if the Regina and Prince Philip were vaccinated, it is not yet certain if and how the public parade in honor of His Majesty will be organized and if intercontinental travel will be allowed. At the moment the parade has been confirmed but still anything can happen …

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