In these weeks it begins to depopulate a trend dedicated to the hair shades we are betting on for 2021: the effect Smoky Hair, which is inspired by that of the much loved Smokey Eyes in make-up, that is, the game of a mix of nuances, from lightest to darkest, skillfully blend to create one fading of colors that stand out the eyes and give depth to the look.

How does it work on the hair? Who is it suitable for? What is the final effect? How do you take care of your hair to keep the color intact? We asked Luigi Neri, Creative Director of the Class Project, which has over 300 salons throughout Italy and training academies for hairstylists. The Smokey Hair technique arrived in the Salons with L’Oréal Professionnel.

The looks proposed to date are 5, to be customized on each woman according to the starting point, the undertone and the shape of the face, the type of cut and hair. The nuances, all of them cold, I’m 7 and can also be combined with each other. You go by cold and iridescent mocha with pink shades ai ash darker with blue pigments for one more result dark and sensual.

Smoky Hair on long, dark brown hair

If you are going to treat yourself a refined and not too marked header, Smokey Hair could be the right choice. Luigi Neri explains everything to us.

What does Smoky Hair consist of? Is it a tint?

To be precise, it is about a mix of coloring for areas to be shaded and lightening for the areas to be illuminated. The shades are cold and “smoky”, very elegant and well harmonized, just like those of smokey eyes. For the warmer colors, instead, we use slightly more neutral shades to avoid creating too much detachment.

How is this technique done? What is the color that goes the most?

There are various combinations, a lot also depends on the wishes of the customers and their characteristics. For some we create a darker base that lights up towards the tips, for others, however, we create shades and three-dimensionality from the base. We study in detail which are the parts of the face to illuminate and which to shade to create the perfect effect.

We know there is an app that shows us a preview of the final result, in case we are unsure.

That’s right, in the Salone the initial part is dedicated to consulting, which also includes a test with the app Style My Hair Pro by L’Oréal Professionnel. Thanks to the 3D technology based on artificial intelligence, you can preview the result of make over on hair. The 3D coloring simulator, integrated with the new Smoky filters, allows you to have a more precise idea of ​​the final effect. Then, of course, we customize each effect because each client is unique.

Some effect particularly cool?

Well, for example, it’s very interesting violet intensified with blue for i dark hair. Often those with very dark hair never know what to do, because the colors create too much detachment and you risk running into a little too much look dark and excessive. Smoky Hair, in this case, revives a flat color and enhances the dark with new but very refined hair shades.

Smoky Hair on long, straight, black hair

Another effect that I really like is the rosé mocha, which gives a soft blonde, very natural and absolutely anti-yellow. The brunettesfinally, they can have fun ranging between all the nuances depending on the desired result: I like to mix more nuances to create a super 3D effect.

So, is the 3D effect one of the main trends of 2021?

Certainly. Creates movement, freshness, gives shine, revives the lengths. The flat color gives only to geometric bobs or very particular cuts. Smoky Hair is perfect for medium-short hair and of all lengths, as well as of all types, from smooth spaghetti to afro.

Smoky Hair on medium, dark and curly hair

Once Smoky Hair is done, how do we keep it perfect?

First of all, one of the pluses of this coloring is that free from the slavery of regrowth (of course if you don’t have white hair, ed) precisely because of the richness of shades. The ideal is to do a simple one every now and then Gloss treatment from your trusted hairdresser for give a “polish”. Then, at home you must use suitable products: anti-yellow shampoos and masks that preserve color.

Smoky Hair on long blond hair

Is there any celebrity sporting Smoky Hair?

In Italy it is a novelty, it is only catching on now because many women for many years have struggled to disengage from the idea of ​​’sunny blond’ which at times, among other things, seems a bit fake. In the US they experiment much more. It occurs to me, for example, Beyoncè: often brings beautiful smoky shades, gods cold beiges that are very elegant approached her amber skin. Here, looks of that type also look very good on many Mediterranean women.

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