Guide to how to wear the denim jacket: 5 fashion outfits for 2021

Versatile, eternal, unforgettable. The denim jacket is one of those items that is kept in the wardrobe since the age of a girl to accompany one’s life in different experiences and occasions. Forgotten for a few seasons, when we find it between a coat and a biker, we rediscover the desire to show it off with pride. Because there is always a way to wear it, to transform it and adapt it to the contemporary, or to make a rigorous look more casual, wearing just the denim jacket under the suit.

Over the evening dress

There denim jacket it can be worn over the evening look to play down a couture garment with the right irony.

Above the mini dress

A short (or very short) dress can be worn with a wide denim jacket, even stolen from the male wardrobe.

Denim shirt, like jacket

More uses and occasions for the denim shirt that knows no season.

Americal casual

An outfit that is the essence of the American casual style: tracksuit, sneakers and denim jacket.

Country total denim

Dare and capture attention: the denim jacket tells the stories of the West when paired with a pair of Texan boots.

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