I have a constantly evolving relationship with bras. There was a time in 2015 when an innocuous quote I gave to a friend about my love of going bra-less went viral. “If you’re comfortable, go for it,” says Richards. “It’s about time we stopped nipple shaming.” Really, I had people I hadn’t spoken to in years sending me screenshots of the clickbait quote on their newsfeeds and sending it to me. I’m not anti-bras, I’m wearing one right now and I especially appreciate the support five years later. You can find me in triangle bras, bralettes, easy on and off sports bras, and even cashmere bras! I love them all.

But you know what bra stuck with me through it all, even when I pushed it to the back of my underwear drawer? Gap’s T-shirt bra. I’ve gone through about three in the last 15 years and I keep returning to it because of its comfort and perfect shape. It plunges deep enough to leave room for a good v-neck, but the cups are large enough that there’s not that spilling out effect. It has survived gentle cycles on the washing machine and has truly been an “everyday” kind of bra.

I also own a strapless bra from Gap I’ve had for years that gives me just the right shape with tube tops and other strapless looks. When you’re looking for basic go-tos, Gap definitely has you covered. Plus, the site is having a sale and you can get an extra 10 percent off with the code ADDIT. Here are a few styles that could fast become your old faithful!

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