Sororité’s vintage clothing makes us rediscover vintage fashion in a new and sustainable way

Freedom, egalité, sororité. The chosen name for one of the lingerie brand the industry’s most fascinating is the French translation of ‘sisterhood’, a term that transcends the simple blood bond to lead to a union of souls and intentions that come together under a single love: that for the vintage. Sororité it is a reality that stands out from all those that make up the panorama of contemporary reselling. It has a defined identity, a strong character and a mission that links the rediscovery of historical garments with a rooted one Sustainable DNA.

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Vintage lingerie: from the nineteenth century to John Galliano’s Dior

Starting from the beginning, Sororité presents itself as a simple digital platform of vintage lingerie, where aficionados of the genre can find white lace bralettes of the Dior by Galliano or the pseudo punk bustiers from the dawn of fashion Vivienne Westwood. However, there is one extraordinary element that distinguishes Sororité from the rest of the market selection of vintage pieces, carefully researched by a historical costume, which come restored and customized by a team of experts to offer an absolutely inimitable creation.

© Instagram @sororitevintage

© Instagram @sororitevintage

The Regency bodice thus rediscovers the original blush pink shades and is enriched with satin ribbons; shirts from the 1830s with large gigot sleeves bring back the style of early French Romanticism, while end bustier Eighteenth century they are readapted turning into burlesque skirts. The result of this meticulous and peculiar process of metamorphosis is a product that embodies the essence of vintage: it is nostalgic but contemporary, with retro designs that find ways to adapt to today’s tastes; it is exclusive and does not compromise on the principle of uniqueness, giving the opportunity to invest in an otherwise unobtainable and certainly unrepeatable piece.

Seeing is believing: those who want to buy on the site must in fact wait for the periodic online sales that leave no room for indecision. You buy it now, or never. A rule that applies equally to all sisters united under the sign of lingerie, whether it be Kylie Jenner or the Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson, one of the most distinguished fans of Sororité.

Vintage fashion between ethics and sustainability

L’vintage clothing is considered one of the main tools for starting acircular economy, but to build a company completely sustainable, it is not enough to limit yourself to reselling. For Sororité, the ethical approach is of primary importance, essential in establishing her contours and her way of conceiving fashion.

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For this reason, in addition to giving a second opportunity to abandoned garments, reducing production waste and the consequent emissions of exhaust gases, the brand is committed to creating a totally green packaging, using recycled packaging, biodegradable jute bags, reusable fabric bags and boxes made from post-industrial waste cardboard. Opening the doors to the forgotten greats of the wardrobe, Sororité closes the gates in the face of plastic and polluting elements, placing the accent on purchasing awareness and imposing a reflection on the environmental impact that lies behind every garment, from the simple cotton t-shirt (for which about 2,700 liters of water are used) to the tons of plastic used for packaging (which represent 32% of the 78 million annual world production).

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While not following the trends and rather distancing itself from modern clichés to rediscover the pleasure of timeless fashion, Sororité is rapidly establishing itself as a cult brand, a promised land for vintage loyalists and a hidden pearl in an ocean of empty shells. For the romantics incurable, the diehards of Jane Austen, the devourers of period dramas à la Bridgerton and the hardened ones tea tasters to the rhythm of chamber music, Sororité is the safe niche in which to savor the authentic taste of couture.

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