Fashion movies: Netflix’s top 5

Impalpable fabrics, transgressive cuts and rebellious looks: fashion defies conventions, sends messages, tells stories. Just like those that Netflix has chosen for the catalog of films linked, in an ironic or almost hieratic way, to this art form. If pop culture associates the ruthless hierarchy of the fashion world with Meryl Streep ne The devil wears Prada, absolutely must broaden its horizons. There are countless forms of devotion to a dress or accessory and some go right through a feature film. There are those who are capable of making fun of the rites of the catwalks, like Ocean’s 8 with Sandra Bullock and Rihanna, and those who need to elaborate their theorems in less light forms, as in the case of documentaries such as Franca – Chaos and creation, yet the purpose remains the same.

In these five Netflix films, fashion is declined in its irresistible excesses

1. Zoolander

“Beautiful, beautiful, absurdly beautiful”: Ben Stiller in model version it makes every stylist’s head spin. This is largely due to the “Magnum installation”, shot with ease on every red carpet and every fashion show. His empire, however, is opposed by the newcomer, the slightly ephebic blond Hansel (Owen Wilson), and he – as we know – does not shine for acumen. Not even friends / colleagues / roommates who set themselves on fire by mistake by lighting a cigarette after having sprinkled themselves with petrol at the distributor. In full crisis, the protagonist returns to tread the catwalks in spite of himself after being duped by an eclectic designer, Mugatu (Will Ferrell). In an endless roundup of hilarious gags and stinging lashes on the fashion world, the film entertains, displaces and amuses to tears with idiotic gimmicks and illustrious guest stars, from David Bowie to Donald Trump.
Irreverent and cheeky, it’s perfect for those who don’t take themselves too seriously, not even in their outfits.

Ben Stiller does the “Magnum” in Zoolander

2. Sex and the City 2

More Orange Blossoms Coming for Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and friends: after the daring wedding with Mr. Big (Chris Noth) in the first film, this time the most glamorous fashion journalist in New York is involved in the wedding of best friend Stanford (Willie Garson) with Charlotte’s best friend (Kristin Davis), Anthony (Mario Cantone). Before taking part in one of the most spectacular ceremonies ever seen (complete with a cameo by Liza Minnelli), the poker of friends, which also includes Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) packs her bags for Abu Dhabi where they discover a culture very different from that of Manhattan but equally fascinating. Also on the other side of the world Carrie has a dizzying meeting: in a souk she sees the former Aidan again (John Corbett), sexier than ever. This time, fashion intertwines their lives in a disturbing way, between local customs and traditions, transgressions on the skin and obviously unbridled shopping.
Exotic and intriguing, it is perfect for the nostalgic of the TV series, for those who wait reboot number 7, just announced and for lovers of weddings with great fanfare.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and The City 2

3. The neon demon

Elle Fanning in The neon demon

There are also sequin-free fashion movies. The dark side of the fashion world is signed by Nicolas Winding Refn who takes an innocent little girl, Jesse (Elle Fanning) and throws it to the sharks of the catwalk. That unique candor is manipulated, engulfed, transformed and reshaped by an increasingly competitive and aggressive business. The girl learns the hard way to stop being the provincial to embrace the exclusive style of the City of Angels. Dazzled by the fame, attention and adoration she receives as a fresh and new face on the Californian scene, she gradually finds herself accepting more and more compromises that pollute its transparency. Here, then, that the great dream of being kissed by the goal of haute couture turns into a nightmare of obsessions and perdition.
Psychedelic and hypnotic, ideal for those who know they have to get their hands dirty in order to reach the top.

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4. Franca – Chaos and creation

The documentary on Franca Sozzani, for many years the director of Vogue Italia, turns into a personal story that blends the fashion guru with the figure of a woman and mother. Behind the camera we find the son, Francesco Carrozzini, who has been able to grasp the artistic and human nuances of a character who has marked the panorama of Italian style for three decades. The mixture of different art forms, avant-garde and innovation blend with an infallible instinct told by the figures most dear to her, from Karl Lagerfeld to Courtney Love, passing by the director Baz Luhrmann.
Bright and touching, this poster is recommended for those who make style an essential point.

Francesco Carrozzini and Franca Sozzani in Franca – Chaos and Creation

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5. 30 years in a second

All the genuineness and sunshine of Jennifer Garner is made available to this modern fairy tale with the flavor of the Eighties. At the time, at thirteen, his alter ego Jenna was the least popular girl in the class, with only one friend, chubby clumsy Matt (Mark Ruffalo). Tired of having her heart broken and being made fun of, she longs to become a “winning and seductive” 30-year-old, as she reads in her favorite fashion magazine, Poise. And, thanks to a magic powder that she receives as a birthday present, the dream comes true in an instant catapulting her into successful editor-in-chief of the magazine. She has a glamorous and sparkling life, with a hockey champion boyfriend, a stunning body and a thousand and one nights wardrobe. Something, however, does not convince her: she does not recognize this sexy but detached and cynical adult and tries to investigate, focusing on talent in the fashion world and… following her heart.
Tender and romantic, it is ideal for those who believe in the power of second chances and in the power of perseverance.

Jennifer Garner in Thirty years in a second

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