From a cultural point of view, i positive facts of the past 12 months there were very few. A completely ruined music industry; highly anticipated album releases suspended or postponed indefinitely; the charm of the big screen that has become only a distant memory. Several creative minds, however, persevered, having the good fortune to be able to face the pandemic without problems, waiting to publish their art at a time when all of us could appreciate it to the fullest. 2021 is a new beginning: a year that promises to be full of double albums, films, tours and TV shows.

It will certainly be a fruitful year – all the pop stars destined to make a comeback in 2020 have been waiting patiently until now – so we have decided to break through this chaos to precisely identify the topics the world will talk about. From music documentaries to heartthrob returning to the big screen, here are the best pop culture events you can’t miss.

“Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry” is on Apple TV + since February 26, 2021

1. The Billie Eilish documentary, The World’s in Little Blurry

When the documentary by Billie Eilish, The World’s in Little Blurry, will land on AppleTV + on February 26, almost two years have passed since the 19-year-old superstar’s debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?. The film captures the process of making the disc up to Early 2020 Grammy Awards, in which Eilish swept the prizes. Emmy-winning director RJ Cutler (who made The September Issue 2009), had free access to Eilish’s life, both at home and behind the scenes on tour, in what promises to be the most profound representation of the pop giant ever.

2. The highly anticipated return of Lorde

When Ella Yelich-O’Connor – the artist best known as Gross – she is not intent on releasing records, she lives between New Zealand and Los Angeles, staying away from social networks (she hasn’t tweeted since 2017) and the celeb network. This long period of silence only increases expectations for whatever he decides to propose to us.

After his second studio album Melodrama found himself on the ‘end of the decade’ list of several critics, fans have been waiting for news from the extraordinarily talented Generation Z leader for over three years. And in one rare newsletter Sent to fans at the end of 2020, discussing her trip to Antarctica, the singer confirmed what we all wanted to hear: a new album will arrive in 2021. Could it be a new masterpiece that can define a generation? It seems we wouldn’t have to wait much longer to find out

3. Dua Lipa’s live tour

In a year that forced many pop stars to live in terror, to hyperanalyze every element of their career and, in several cases, to stop the release of records, there was a woman who decided to do everything: Dua Lipa (just in January 2021 on the cover of British Vogue). Her rise to the Olympus goddess of pop is itself established in 2020 thanks to a critically acclaimed album, international fame, collaborations with luxury brands and record streaming performances with over five million views in a single night. There is only one thing to do: bring that concert to venues around the world. It might come a little late, but the Dua Lipa tour Future Nostalgia, due to start in the UK in September, is the glittery icing on the cake of a delicious disco era.

4. All films postponed last year

Too many films were slated for theatrical releases in 2020. Musical fans were eager to see Steven Spielberg’s take on West Side Story; lovers of the science fiction genre had their eyes on it Dunes with Timothée Chalamet. While Marvel Universe fanatics were eager to see the first Avengers heroine film, Black Widow, starring the Oscar nominees Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh. Sadly, cinema was one of the hardest hit industries and most blockbusters were put off at the last minute. All the films that needed full theaters in 2020 to meet their high budgets will instead be released in 2021. The number of films coming out, therefore, doubles. But who knows if we will be able to see them in the room?

Timothée Chalamet in Dune

© Chia Bella James. © 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

5. A lot, a lot RuPaul’s Drag Race

When it first arrived on our screens in 2009, RuPaul’s Drag Race was a niche program for i queer, where several drag queens competed to become the ‘queen’ of America. It was loaded with glamor, humor, and sharp claws; the ultimate form of confrontational reality show. To date, not much has changed, apart from the global success of the program. Last year we saw the birth of Canada’s Drag Race, while at the end of 2019 one was launched British version of the program. Currently, there are two new seasons: season 13 of the US version launched on Netflix on New Year’s Day and a second series made in UK arriving on January 14th.

The cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race

6. A new season of Euphoria

Two summers ago, teenagers and parents all over the world lost their minds for Euphoria. The morbid HBO home series, which follows a drug addict high school girl and other troubled characters living in the same provincial town, earned its lead an Emmy. Zendaya last year. Now, following a couple of dives into the universe Euphoria, in which Rue, played by Zendaya, and Jules, played by the actress / model were immortalized Hunter Schafer, a new season is scheduled to release towards the end of 2021. More controversial teenage hedonism is to be expected, as well as beauty inspirations, thanks to the return of the series make-up artist, Doniella Davy, at her makeup station.

Zendaya and Barbie Ferreira

7. A live streaming performance with A BLACKPINK

The high-budget raids of the K-pop industry were a cure-all during the lockdown. Thanks to the country’s recovery following the pandemic, South Korean major artists are back to work, producing music the way they used to: in the most grandiose way possible. In this case, the BLACKPINK, the most followed girl band in the world, were able to slip a debut studio album, different music videos and collaborations with Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez during their year. What else awaits us? A live streaming concert titled THE SHOW, so that BLINKS from all over the world can watch the songs of the new album perform live. The event will be held on YouTube Music and will air from Seoul on January 31st. Breathtaking effects and unrivaled choreography are to be expected.

The Korean group of Blackpink

© Courtesy of YG / Netflix

8. The return of Harry Styles to the big screen

Four years after his film debut in Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan, the favorite of pop Harry Styles is currently filming his next project, promoted as a possible Oscar winner. Don’t Worry Darling, the last film directed by the director and actress Olivia Wilde, is a psychological thriller in which an American housewife (played by Florence Pugh) imagines her worldly life crumbled during a psychotic episode. Harry Styles plays the role of her husband, and the photos from the set give hints of a ’70s look, the same ones that Styles sported during the period of his album. Fine Line. Wilde’s latest film, Booksmart, proved to be a huge critical success – could this new project secure next year’s Oscar nominations with a release in late 2021? Hope is the last to die – and that means four uninterrupted years of Harry Styles in a red carpet look.

Harry Styles, Aneurin Barnard, Fionn Whitehead in “Dunkirk” 2017

© Warner Bros / Kobal / Shutterstock

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