From today the button no longer exists “Like” for Facebook pages. A real revolution fielded by Mark Zuckerberg on its platform and which radically changes, or at least profoundly, some moral, ethical and even psychological aspects. No more “thumbs up” but a new button, the “Follow” which will replace the previous and ubiquitous Like.

But what will be the consequences of deleting the “Like” on Facebook pages? The biggest obviously a psychological and, if you like, ethical consequence: following a page does not necessarily mean having expressed an appreciation for its contents. The decision seems to be a child, at least in our eyes, of the recent post-assault events on Capitol Hill: from today, in short, Facebook can affirm that its policy is not to “create affiliations” (also and above all towards controversial personalities or contents) but simply to grant visibility to these same contents that can be followed or not for most various reasons (including those of “information”).

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In short, the hierarchy is re-established, which until now has never been too clear, between following and “I like”: what will change and how it will change from the point of view of spreading the contents of the pages, whether or not there will be an increase in organic reach precisely according to the “desire” expressed with the “following” button (therefore no longer a judgment on the page but a desire to receive updates) currently it is not possible to know.

We know that now the pages will have their own dedicated stream of news, as if they were a private profile and that they will be able more easily to intervene in the discussions on behalf of the page: a sort of “personalization”, if we want to define it so, of a reality that Facebook had always perceived as “corporate” and never as personal or content production. IS who knows that this is not a first step in the new “life” of Facebook?

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