10 models of spring summer 2021 trousers that will be trendy: runway looks and tips on how to wear them to be fashionable

Drawstring trousers

Sporty but not too sporty. Comfortable to wear. Drawstring trousers are the essence of casual style thanks to that detail that flows and tailored to fit the body. Having abandoned the overalls models, the stylists propose sophisticated solutions in light fabrics.

Pajamas pants

The pajamas suit breaks up for spring 2021 and the wide and fluid trousers, proposed in exotic patterns, are worn with cotton poplin shirts.

Patchwork pants

Freedom of imagination and creativity: the only rule is that there are no rules. The art of recycling and preservation become winning weapons to obtain garments patchwork of great effect.

Chino pants

The all-round model that adapts to the situation: it is not as casual as a pair of jeans and not as rigorous as pleats, so chinos are the ideal solution. Super light and clear canvas, better than cotton gabardine, these pants feature a high waist and a wide fit. This year they are worn with leather and wood moccasins and clogs.

Bermuda pants

They know summer and free time. Fresh and nature. Never exuberant like a pair of shorts or culottes, Bermuda shorts have already found a place in our wardrobe thanks to the shorts suit, made up of a men’s jacket plus Bermuda shorts. Try it even in broken looks.

Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini

Wide trousers with pleats

The “new” classic line, where the novelty lies in the recovery of obsolete fabrics rather than the shape, full of pleats. The color range is neutral, but the variant rock-gray it is the most coveted.

Flared pants

The flared trousers refer to the looks of disco Inferno: hyper tight jersey that falls like a bell, from the knee down, so as to create waves step by step.

Low waist pants

Back to 2000s with super low waist, enough to show the elastic of the briefs.

Linen pants

Fresh linen for the summer: the color palette is delicate and inspired by nature, like this terra cotta model.

Leather pants

As sexy as they are minimal, leather pants do not give up on two-tone colors black and white: they are worn with simple tank tops.

The cult combination: trousers + midi dress

The fashion combo that combines minimalism 90’s to exotic charm: the midi dress (or long chest) is worn with a pair of trousers, ton sur ton or by breaking up the colors to find new aesthetic balances.

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