Also for this season, the fashion houses present their vision and the new fashion and accessories collections through the 2021 spring summer fashion advertising campaigns. To communicate their very personal message, the brands have recruited the top models and the most requested stars, as well as the lenses of the most famous photographers in the world. The editorial staff of has collected all the best adv of the season for you.

Spring summer 2021 fashion advertising campaigns


Versace welcomes us to the mythological world of Versacepolis with the brand’s new campaign shot by Mert & Marcus. Protagonists Precious Lee, Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner, the modern muses of Versace, together with the new La Medusa bag. “With these images I wanted to give Medusa a face. Or rather, to highlight how she does not have only one because, for me, every woman is Medusa. All of us, with our diversity and our uniqueness, can, indeed, must affirm ourselves also through the way we decide to dress. The same is true for men. We live in a world where gender differences have been eliminated and we are granted freedom of expression like never before. Let’s use it and use it well! ”, Said the stylist.

Louis Vuitton

Naomi Osaka is one of the most influential tennis players of all time, and she perfectly embodies the Louis Vuitton woman. For this reason, the maison has chosen her as the protagonist of the Spring Summer 2021 fashion campaign, photographed by the artistic director of the Louis Vuitton women’s collections, Nicolas Ghesquière. “Apart from tennis, fashion is my greatest passion; there is no more iconic brand than Louis Vuitton. It is a real honor to work with Nicolas: he is a designer that I admire a lot and we share a love for Japanese culture and style. Becoming a global ambassador of the maison is really a dream come true for me “, said Naomi Osaka. “Naomi is an exceptional woman who represents her generation and is also a role model for everyone. His career and beliefs are inspiring. I am fascinated by Naomi, who remains true to herself and does not compromise on her values ​​”, declared Nicolas Ghesquière.

Chloé Eyewear

Created by Ezra Petronio, the new Chloé Eyewear campaign is the quintessence of optimism, union, style and freedom, the perfect embodiment of the contemporary woman. The project unveils two new models: the Demi sunglasses, with their clip-on elements in unique and surprising colors and geometries, and the Irene optical frames with the distinctive retro-style metal silhouette.


UGG chose the fashion journalist André Leon Talley for his new campaign. The shots were taken on the porch of his home in White Plains, New York. “UGG is comfort food for my feet,” said Talley, author of The Chiffon Trenches: A Memoir. “He’s smart. He’s welcoming. He’s full of energy and style.” “André Leon Talley is an inspiration. His story has been told many times, rightly so, because his achievements are unique and significant, “said Andrea O’Donnell, President, UGG and Koolaburra of UGG of Deckers Brands.” He has long been a fan of the UGG brand and we we are his superfans. Not only did he change the fashion industry and make his mark on modern culture, but he did it by being himself without apologizing. “


Ardusse presents its first campaign, shot by the photographer Lea Colombo. His ability to explore colors meets the Spring Summer 2021 collection which draws direct inspiration from the first idyll of Theocritus, the Syracusan poet who from his origins painted the bucolic and soothing features of Arcadia, imagining man in contact with nature. Protagonists, Marnix Eyckmans, Dior Beye and Prithvi Balwantsingh.


The very essence of the Fendi women’s and men’s spring summer 2021 collections designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi is captured by Nick Knight in the maison’s new advertising campaign. An intimate setting evokes the tradition and family inspirations of the collections. An airy backdrop made up of cool white billowing curtains, human reflections and shadows is complemented by domestic elements. A digital “window” projected on the wall reveals a glimpse of the outside world, where a cloudy sky meets the maison’s headquarters in Rome. The set reflects the palette of the collection worn by a multifaceted cast of models, including Mariacarla Boscono.


Technology shapes contemporary life, radically redefining our perspective on ourselves and humanity. The Prada spring summer 2021 campaign, which tells the first collection in collaboration between Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, through the creative direction of Ferdinando Verderi explores these current realities re-proposing them in the fashion world with visions that, over the last year, have been captured and mediated by the use of technology, as a function of a creative dynamic. Prada addresses the viewer by asking a question next to each photo with the intention of overcoming the barriers to communicate with the public, involving them in a dialogue that becomes an essential component of the campaign.

Salvatore Vignola

The spring summer 2021 campaign by Salvatore Vignola is inspired by the Lucanian legend of Monachicchio, a mischievous sprite who, according to local tradition, carries the soul of a child who died before baptism. The shots, made in some of the symbolic places of Basilicata like the Ponte alla Luna or the Museum of Local Traditions in Viggiano, tell the story Melina’s journey – the name is that of Vignola’s grandmother, who used to tell the story to her grandson – in search of Monachicchio. And if it is said that the Monachicchio di Villa d’Agri lives right at Monastery of S. Maria dell’Aspro – an old 12th century Franciscan convent now abandoned – it is no coincidence that the prints in the collection depict a series of medieval miniatures by scribe monks.

© Salvatore Vignola + Gloria Torquati

© Salvatore Vignola + Gloria Torquati

© Salvatore Vignola + Gloria Torquati

Aubade || Baptiste Giabiconi

The supermodel Baptiste Giabiconi is the protagonist of the advertising campaign of the Aubade || collection Baptiste Giabiconi. Photographed by Markus Jans under the Mediterranean sun, the collaboration features tattoo motifs, personally selected from Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved model, incorporating arabesques, swirls and flowers in contrasting shades.

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