Jennifer Lopez returns to be talked about for her looks on Instagram. The offender on duty is a white dress with flashy cut-outs demonstration that, even when it comes to minimal style, the American superstar is never wrong in terms of image.

Less-is-more, Jennifer Lopez stylist Rob Zangardi must have thought when she chose this essential look for the star of In The Morning and, on the other hand, how to blame him given the decision of J.Lo to appear naked on the cover of her latest album.

In the photo recently shared by the stylist on Instagram, Jennifer Lopez appears on all fours on a table, wrapped in a long white dress in jersey, with large cut-outs on the hip that show off various portions of the star’s skin. The look is completed with a tube choker necklace, a yellow gold chevalier ring and a pair of white solder caps covered by the length of the dress. Zangardi commented ironically under the photo “Going back to Bed”.

There original creation by New York designer LaQuan Smith, had been previously also shared on the official profile of J.Lo. The superstar had posted the image with the alluring cut-out dress in December 2020, on the occasion of the recognition as Women In Music ICON Award obtained from Billboard. The shot chosen by Jennifer Lopez shows the look from another angle, revealing an additional cut-out on the side of the dress, at the height of the ribs, and a large geometric ring on the left hand. Thoughtful style choices that prove that the lesson of less-is-more is also applicable to an exuberant one like J.Lo.

Below the photo with the offending dress the superstar had commented: «Wow !! I am truly grateful and deeply touched. ✨ This honor is particularly special because it seems to come full circle. If my music has created a beautiful memory for someone, then there is no greater reward. ” Words not chosen at random by Lopez who, obsessed with perfection, skilfully combined the creation characterized by the maxi cut-out in a round shape with the slang “closing the circle”. What to say, if not Chapeau?

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