Our advice on how to choose the right jewels for your complexion, following the – scientific – method of armocromia. Because each “season” has its stone and metal

Better a pair of gold or silver earrings? Today there is no longer the archaic distinction between jewels and bijoux strictly linked to the more or less precious material: here the indecision is limited to a purely aesthetic factor, that is which shade (cold like silver or warm like gold) is best suited to our natural tones. Let’s talk about color blindness, but this time applied to the world of jewelry.

After reading the guide it determines the tone and sub-tone of the complexion (here you will find the advice from Rossella Migliaccio), you can start playing with styling by proceeding according to the color palette that best suits your “season”: The selection of the dress and accessories will be immediate. An important aspect that should never be underestimated or left to chance is the choice of jewelryit’s a touch that must be in harmony with the rest of the look”, Remembers Annamaria Bianchi, image consultant who will be a guest on Saturday 12 December in the shop aura (at number 5 of via della Maternità, Pesaro) to help with perfect precious gift, and shed light on any shadow of doubt.

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Jewels of the winter season

This palette is characterized by cold, deep and bright colors, and by high intensity, such as the blue of the night and the optical white of the snow.

  • Metals suitable for the complexion: platinum, white gold and silver

  • Colored stones suitable for the complexion: purple amethyst e blue sapphire (to be combined with lemon yellows of quartz), cordierite, onyx and the cold reds of some rubies.

Spring season jewelry

It is made up of warm, clear and bright colors, like those that nature blossoms and is reborn this season.

  • Metals suitable for the complexion: yellow and pink gold, not too intense

  • Colored stones suitable for the complexion: turquoise, kunzite, mint green and bright orange quartz, faded corals and emeralds bright green.

Summer season jewels

Summer is characterized by cold and soft colors, reminiscent of the intense summer light.

  • Metals suitable for the complexion: white gold, silver, antique gold or sandblasted

  • Colored stones suitable for the complexion: opal, pink quartz, morganite, pink amethyst, angel skin coral (very light shade), pearls and cameos.

Two soft braids and pearls in her hair: the alternative to lavender always for Alice + Olivia – Hair by GHD

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Autumn season jewelry

The last palette is autumn and denotes warm and soft shades, typical of the forest and sub-forest.

  • Metals suitable for the complexion: rose gold, bronze

  • Colored stones suitable for the complexion: amber, lion’s eye, beige topaz, green tourmaline or kiwi topaz, intense coral and citrine quartz.

Four rings for the four seasons of color harmony, signed by Pandora: winter, spring, summer and autumn

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