It is peace made between Harry and William. The two princes seem to have found a way to reconcile during the holiday season by returning to get closer as never before since divorce of Harry and Meghan from the royal family. This was revealed by royal expert Katie Nicholl who said that the two brothers would not only return to each other but would do it every day by making long video calls.

A turning point in their relationship that would be the result of the holidays just passed and which saw the brothers, for the first time in a long time, forced to stay away both from each other and with the family given the rules related to covid-19. So everything is back the same for the Sussexes and Cambridges families?

Also according to royal biographer Robert Lacey, the answer is “no”. Rather. The relationship between Harry and William will never be what it used to be. The reason, according to the journalist, is to be found in the fact that William and Kate they took a path, that of the duties of the crown, while Harry and Meghan decided to enjoy their greater and newfound freedom without constraints. Different paths that, today and tomorrow, will separate the brothers more than the ocean between them right now does.

And if William is aware that his life was all destined for his preparation for the role of King of the United Kingdom, for Harry, at least according to the biographer, the way is that of unconditional love. Perhaps this very difference in views on life and feelings is what he created the first rift between the two brothers with William who had suggested to Harry not to rush too much with Meghan. Who knows if, indeed, this will be the new balance of the princes’ life or if, sooner or later, we will see Harry’s return to the UK?

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