Dua Lipa chooses colorful and ironic jewels to enhance her looks

Psychedelic 70s mood, bright colors and details that recall the outfits of 90s pop stars. Dua Lipa is a mix of influences and inspirations that draw on the past of fashion to flow into original looks and unique in their kind, a convergence of silhouettes, shades and brands that a blazer Saint Laurent match the signed cartoon boot GCDS. Perfect balance between a femme fatale and a childish touch given by a mixture of materials and textures, lo style of the British singer it is among the most interesting of the contemporary music scene, the result of a hundred-and-praise restyling operation.

To capture the attention of fashion fanatics, however, is the predilection of Dua Lipa for Italian realities, both in clothing and accessories, accompanied by a meticulous search for indie and emerging brands that conquer the limelight of trends thanks to Dua’s performances and videos. We saw it wearing The Attic, MSGM, Les Petits Joueurs, giving a touch of glamor Made in Italy to its street and urban aplomb. Thanks, without doubt, to the widespread selection made by Lorenzo Posocco, stylist of Dua Lipa, who chooses unconventional and absolutely unconventional creations for her.

Among the accessories that most characterize her looks there are certainly the super-colored bijoux that the singer wears both on stage and in her off-duty looks. Standing out for quirky and retro designs and for the choice of bright shades that immediately stand out to the eye, the jewels of Dua Lipa they recall the ultra pop jewels that were the protagonists of the fashion of the early 2000s, with a visual aftertaste of fruit candy among strawberry necklaces, orange bracelets and lemon earrings.

Many Italian brands accompany the performances of Dua, from Bea Bongiasca with his hybrid creations of chic surrealism that set stones in structures twisted like a snake, to the heart rings of Dans Les Rues, incarnation of a dream to Sailor Moon who gives the impression of having magical powers by transforming us into a masked avenger.

Ironic, fun and handmade, here are some of the favorite jewelry from the splendid Dua Lipa.

Bea Bongiasca

The designer Bea Bongiasca revolutionizes the world of jewelry since 2013, the year in which he founded his eponymous brand. With an apparently minimalist approach but tinged with a love for color, the pure form and the play of light, i Bea Bongiasca jewelry they are inspired by the art of East Asia, with rings, necklaces and earrings that recall the swirling and meandering structures of tapestries and sculptures. Always characterized by energetic and multivitamin colors that pass from lime green to neon cerulean ending with an optical and gaudy white, the bijoux of the brand recall the international spotlight when they appear in numerous looks by Dua Lipa.

© Instagram @beabongiasca

© Instagram @beabongiasca

The singer wears them in fact in numerous photos posted on the Instagram profile, showing them off in photoshoot international including that for the January 2021 issue of British Vogue, finally taking them to digital concert stages including the recent online show Study 2054. To ensure its definitive success, the choice of Dua Lipa to wear them also for her street looks, combined with sports outfits with sneakers, oversized jackets and baggy pants.

Dans Les Rues

Founded in 2011 by Martina Mancini and with the creative direction of Giorgio Ciccone, Dans Les Rues is an all-Italian brand that has achieved worldwide success also thanks to Dua Lipa, which never separates from its mythical ones heart shaped rings. With a kawaii design reminiscent of the total-pink weapons of Japanese anime heroines, the Dans Les Rues jewels feature the line Heart Boom, which declines the romantic silhouette in rings, necklaces and earrings.

Hybrid creations between the famous “Heart of the Ocean” of Titanic and the cartoon outlines of Japanese comics, thering Lux he earrings Bonnie they are the most loved by the singer, who wears them in shades of pink, orange and blue. Among the latest appearances to have conquered the public, the performance at the concert of i Heart Radio in December 2020, where the bijoux complete a beautiful and colorful designer outfit Miu Miu of the spring summer 2021 collection.

Beepy Bella

Beepy Bella is a young brand but with a vintage soul, born in New York in 2019 from an intuition of the designer Isabella Lalonde. Entirely handmade, Beepy Bella jewels are reminiscent of childhood jewelry made with colored beads and pendants in the shape of strawberries, butterflies and various flowers. Focused on a principle of uniqueness, these bijoux handcrafted they are often exploited from collaborations with emerging creatives, giving life to a multifaceted and unconventional community of artists

An element of fun contrast that breaks the monochromaticity of her free time outfits, Beepy Bella jewels are worn by Dua Lipa on the streets of Los Angeles, paired with maxi down jackets, palazzo-cut jeans and cropped t-shirts by Jacquemus. Furthermore, Dua is not the only one to have been conquered by the nostalgic charm of these accessories, also flaunted by other celebs such as Katy Perry, Bella Hadid and the digital influencer Lil Miquela.

Hotlips by Solange

THE lip-shaped jewelry they began to populate the women’s wardrobe as early as the 90s, when rings with maxi pop mouths conquered entire generations. The brand Hotlips by Solange has remained faithful to this irreverent aesthetic since 1995, the year in which the designer Solange Azagury-Partridge launches the famous silhouette, which has become so iconic that it is included in the permanent collection of Victoria & Albert Museum from London.


© Instagram @ hotlips.by.solange

© Instagram @ hotlips.by.solange

Worn by international stars such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga is Selena Gomez, Hotlips jewels harmonize perfectly with the colorful and playful style of Dua Lipa, who chooses them from the stage to the Californian walks as her must-have accessory.

The Manso

Perfect example of how the sustainable fashion make the most of the creativity of designers, jewels The Manso are the result of the (perfectly successful) experiment by Adriana Manso. Born and raised in Barcelona, ​​Adriana inherits from her maternal grandmother a love for plastic accessories and their versatility, deciding to try her hand at a work of 1990s bijoux restoration.

Starting from rounded and monochromatic bases, the designer sets her rings of metal studs, inserts in geometric resin, stylized and raised claws, giving new life to otherwise forgotten accessories. After seeing them I’m wearing a Dua Lipa, also Bella Hadid (sister of Anwar, the singer’s boyfriend) was literally conquered by their aesthetic and the brand’s creative recycling mission, making them become a real social trend.

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