The houses most desired by Italians?
True, we are still semi-constrained within our borders. True, the next few weeks may prove even more restrictive. But nobody stops us from imagining and we have to find a way to see an “after” for this whole situation. Change air it is perhaps everyone’s dream at the moment, especially for those who live in cities deprived of that charm that usually characterizes them. Still no cinemas, theaters, live music. Since the culture is almost frozen by this condition, it is natural to seek refuge in nature. Wishlist, for now. Wish lists that Airbnb found among the searches of Italians: here are the 10 most desired houses in Italy.
The only clause: do not exceed 100 euros per night.

Apartment with swimming pool on Lake Garda (Lombardy)
A view that takes your breath away. Indeed, perhaps it is moving. In the summer you can take a swim in the swimming pool overlooking the lake, in winter long walks (until the ski facilities reopen) in the nearby Valle Camonica with its ancient villages. Or simply, you can enjoy the beauty of the nature that surrounds you, filling your eyes and heart.

Apartment with swimming pool on Lake Garda (Lombardy)

© Giulio Bassi

Trullo Edera in Ostuni (Apulia)
Here time seems to stand still, but in an extremely different way than we have seen in the last year. It is an enchanted, almost fairytale stopping, which takes us back to childhood. Close to the splendid Cisternino this solution can only envelop you in an “architectural embrace”.

Trullo Edera in Ostuni (Apulia)

Tree house a few minutes from Florence (Tuscany)
Raise your hand if you have never dreamed of a tree house adventure. “A dream.” “A once in a lifetime experience.” Some of the guests who found themselves in this story write, where in the morning you are awakened by the rays of the sun filtered by the branches of the pine trees that surround the rooms.

Tree house a few minutes from Florence (Tuscany)

© Berti Caterina

Sea view holiday home in Tricase (Puglia)
You can open your eyes every morning and take a stroll to see the sun emerge like a Greek god with crystal clear waters. There are already enough foundations to fall in love with this place. If we add that in addition to the balcony overlooking the sea, La Salentina is located in the heart of a Natural Park, then you have no escape.

Sea view holiday home in Tricase (Puglia)

Trullo from the 1800s in Valle d’Itria in Cisternino (Puglia)
Puglia is very coveted in the wishlists of Italians, it will be that heat that passes not only through the temperatures, but also the welcome, the bright faces of those who live there, the sun that can be read in every possible declination. The fact is that these trulli dating back to 1800 are a magical place for a relaxing holiday.

Trullo Aromatic Green in Ostuni (Puglia)
Yes, the trulli go a lot. It will be the atmosphere, it will be that there is a need to reconnect with an ancient, clear, relaxed way of life where time is marked by nature and not by computers and digital watches. Away from the noise, lulled by a hammock, in search of authentic things.

Trullo Aromatic Green in Ostuni (Puglia)

© János

House in the historic center of Lecce (Lecce, Puglia)
Starting point for the beaches of the Salento coast or the hinterland with its colors and traditions, this house immersed in the heart of the Lecce Baroque is an ancient structure with typical star vaults.

Romantic house in Menaggio overlooking Lake Como (Lombardy)
The very clean air enters directly into your lungs and into the depths of your soul, awakening the freshness and brightness that we have missed so much. The view of Lake Como from this privileged spot can work miracles and give us extremely romantic moments.

Farmhouse with swimming pool in the countryside in Rignano sull’Arno (Tuscany)
From mid-April to mid-October, enjoy a swim in the pool surrounded by Tuscan lands: the house on the hill is completely surrounded by mountains, valleys and hills and you cannot help but relax your every thought.

Art-Apartment in a historic building in Palermo (Sicily)
“The perfect place to change your status from tourist to local”. This alone would be enough to throw yourself into this house in the heart of the city, where you will feel the magical atmosphere of the stratified Sicilian artistic tradition.

But waiting to finally be able to go to these loci amoeni, there is also another list, this time relating to experiences made online through the site: and here comes ours beloved culture, specifically the gastronomic one, because mens sana in corpore sano and what better way to nourish the body than with homemade dishes, learned in video lessons (let’s not complain) by experts, passionate, practically the 2.0 versions of our beloved grandmothers. Learning together with making pasta, going from gnocchi to ravioli is one of the most popular themes, but be careful: even the lessons with archaeologist in Pompeii or take a walk in Venice to discover its secrets with a local they were no less. To you the choice!

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