There scholarship for the Advanced Training Course in Fashion Communication of Costume & Fashion Academy of Rome has its winner.

Is called Silvia Fanella and thanks to the scholarship she will study online communication, fashion journalism, styling, PR and press office activities, event organization, fashion marketing, fashion photography at the prestigious basic school in Rome.

Here is the interview with the young graduate in Didactics and Art Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna with a thesis dedicated to digital communication strategies for the dissemination of works of art kept in museum deposits. During the academic years he had the opportunity to work and collaborate both for art galleries and for press and social media offices of museums. Her great passion is fashion. The photos in this article are part of the editorial that Silvia Fanella signed to compete for the scholarship.

How would you describe yourself?

“I definitely define myself as an ambitious person, but with the awareness that ambition is a wild animal that needs to be educated and disciplined otherwise it risks taking over. For this, I strongly believe in gratitude, gratitude and kindness. I am extremely vicious about beauty, idealistic and I live my days with a look that is sometimes childish; I always manage to be enchanted by the wonder! “

What does winning the scholarship mean for you?

“Winning the Vogue Talents scholarship represents a precious possibility for me. Accessing a prestigious reality such as that of the Academy of Costume and Fashion, is for me the praise of my work and my imagination, contemplated for many years through the study and research of an aesthetic developed through literature, poetry and the visual arts. I wanted to identify everything that is my being in my project, and winning the scholarship represents the gratifying recognition of myself ”.

What do you expect from the course at the Academy?

“From the Higher Education course in Fashion Communication I expect it to stimulate and help my personal and professional growth, working with dedication and fervor to achieve my future career in fashion. I hope that the Roman environment will encourage me to broaden my horizons, through creativity, magnificence and history, both of the Academy and of the city of Rome. I can’t wait to start this new adventure! “

Why did you choose ACM? What convinced you about this school to send your application?

“I chose to send my application in order to win the Vogue Talents Scholarship 2020/2021 at the Academy of Costume and Fashion because the Advanced Training Course in Fashion Communication immediately appeared to me to be fully inherent to my interests and my future ambitions, starting from digital communication strategies up to press office and editor activities. Furthermore, I find that the training plan is very attractive and professionalizing for those who, like me, want to work in communication in the fashion field “.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

“Never as in these times have I understood the importance of focusing on the short term, trying to reach daily goals and challenges, rather than thinking in the medium-long term, since everything turns out to be too volatile and ephemeral. In any case, I will continue to carefully preserve my dreamy and ecstatic nature, and in five years I hope to find myself in the midst of a socio-cultural change, to which fashion communication will also have to adapt. With this awareness, I imagine living the change as a protagonist in communication and fashion publishing, bringing new digital strategies and avant-garde imagery “.

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