The first weekend of sale winter 2021 has already passed and, if our guide to best offers online with an eye to the trends of the next season has not exhausted your desire for shopping and you want to focus on something more immediate, to wear immediately, here is a selection of best cashmere sweaters for men to buy at a discount, to make a last gift to your winter wardrobe.

Those used to using cashmere sweaters know very well that once you have tested the qualities of this precious textile fiber, it will be impossible to go back. Compared with ordinary wool in fact, cashmere is much brighter, softer and more warm. Its softness is unmistakable: in contact with the skin it is extremely soft and delicate, and never causes those unpleasant itchy sensations that winter sweaters sometimes give.

The expense is worth the return in this case and, if at full price the cashmere sweaters may seem unapproachable, thanks to the online offers of the winter sales 2021 it will be possible to find the perfect garment to enrich the male wardrobe before the arrival of next season.

But let’s get to the facts. What are the best men’s cashmere sweaters to buy at the 2021 sales?

Starting from the basics, we could only offer you the pullovers of Uniqlo. Made of 100% cashmere, the high-neck and V-neck models are available in a wide range of colors including black, gray, beige, red, green and blue, with a 20% discount on the Japanese giant’s website ( the final price is less than 100 €). The more classic variant with a round collar, on the other hand, was not included in the online selection dedicated to the 2021 winter sales.

Searching through the channel discounts Men fashion up you will find a wide selection of models of the major brands. The designer turtleneck sweater in 100% cashmere Brunello Cucinelli (on sale with 30% discount) it is definitely an investment to make for lovers of casual chic style. It stands out for its large braids and wide ribbed hems.

Brunello Cucinelli, on

The most fashionable will find their bargain among the online sales of Looking well in the section dedicated to men’s discounts you can find designer 100% cashmere sweaters Craig Green. The British designer’s models stand out for their bold details inspired by the world of outerwear and workwear.

Craig Green, on

In the online sales on you will find the exclusive cashmere sweaters of the Californian brand The Elder Statesman and the sophisticated and more sober designer models Berluti. Price reductions range from 30 to 40%.

The Elder Statesman, at

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