Earrings, chokers and precious hair clips: a fashion to copy for 2021 but which in the TV series Bridgerton has a precise (and hidden) meaning

Seen on Netflix and soon in our jewelry boxes: some jewels spotted in the famous TV series have become a must have in the contemporary wardrobe. The protagonists know very well which trinket to match the last dress made by the model maker, if feathers go well with pearls or if a diamond necklace is suitable for a taffeta garment. Nothing is left to chance if you want to be a “shining diamond”After his debut in society. And the Queen Charlotte he knows it well, so he notices the smallest details.

Every episode Bridgerton is a fixed appointment between walks, five o’clock tea, visits for courtship and dancing; for every hour there is a suitable dress as well as a jewel to match the look. Particular attention is given to the accessory: the same personal stylist of Daphne, Marc Pilcher, under the skill and care of the costume designer Ellen Mirojnick, said she was inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s War and peace, like the small and discreet necklaces or the delicious tiaras that adorn the Regency hairstyles.

The Duke of Hastings and Daphne


Any wardrobe choice is not accidental: the smallest trinket is significant, an element that emphasizes or tells the drama or emotion that is about to be experienced on the screen. At a glance you can see the language of colors: home Bridgerton it is recognized by a color palette ranging from light blue to wisteria, all fresh, calm but reassuring shades at the same time. Featheringtons are identified by yellow, orange, green or fuchsia. And it is no coincidence that Penelope identifies with the yellow: the yellow dress as well as the yellow jewels, one hue that illuminates the minds and that, as we know (spoiler!) tells the truth and secrets of the English nobles under the name of Lady Whistledown.

Then there are the jewels that tell more details succulent on characters, such as liaison that binds them. It is indeed an exquisite diamond necklace to be given to Daphne, by the Prince, as a sign of esteem and love. In one of the many dances the protagonist of the first TV series will wear it to make the Duke of Hastings jealous (the code message is “I made a decision”), To then tear it off his neck, in front of the labyrinth garden (clear representation of the mental confusion of the protagonists who cross it), suffocated by external pressures on who to marry.

In Bridgerton jewels speak, have their own voice, tell us intentions and meanings: for this reason they are exaggerated, ostentatious or more discreet. Daphne for her debut in society shows off small points of light that are barely noticeable, because all attention is paid to its natural beauty. As her awareness and determination grows, as she becomes a woman, the jewels become bigger and bigger and more important, remaining faithful to the ice-colored shades. She herself will be defined by Lady Whistledown as a “diamond of rare feature“.

We must also underline the particular choice of rubies: she herself says she wants to wear this gem before concluding the deal with the Duke. Here we find a double meaning: this hard stone is symbol of love and ardor, while the biblical reference tells us that it corresponds to the worth of a woman.

Marina, arriving at the Featherington house, wears mostly pearls: a single thread for the young age and a coded message for the viewer “hope for something greater“. A higher place in society but also a different perspective with respect to the destiny that awaits her, because she is pregnant and not yet married.

Both young women, Daphne and Marina, sport more measured jewelry, as opposed to Featherington sisters that aim to show off by any means, therefore with colorful and showy jewels reminiscent of American bijoux, just to capture the attention of a young scion. The only one not interested is Penelope who tends to adorn herself with very delicate flowers.

Lady Danbury wears amethysts, aquamarines and emeraldi: the former has the power to ward off nightmares, the latter are important for communication and loyalty. She is a determined, reassuring but also charismatic figure: a wise man who knows how to juggle gossip and difficult situations.

Even the Duke of Hastings does not remain unscathed by the charm of the jewelry: throughout the season he wears an emerald brooch, pinned to the brocade vest. A gem that in addition to expressing fidelity is a symbol of truth and chastity, as well as one stone that defeats evil. A lucky charm that will help him face the fears of marriage, with love and passion, winning over the shadows of the past.

Lady Danbury and the Duke of Hastings

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