January 2021 horoscope: how not to be caught unprepared in the age of Aquarius

The most attentive will certainly not have escaped the fact that soon, between 10 and 12 February 2021, we will have a astrological situation really special, curious, very rare.

But why ever talk about the sky of that moment? Because in those days there will be six (out of seven) planets that will inhabit the Aquarius sign, which will concentrate their forces in a single point of the zodiac.

Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the Sun (only Mars is missing) they will be aligned on the celestial horizon in the sign of Ganymede to tell us about a special moment, perhaps important. To confirm (once again) how the destinies of time have passed to this archetype.

And, rest assured, there will immediately be those who – perhaps to click and gain visibility – will foresee great disasters, cataclysms and terrible catastrophes (which, moreover, are not in short supply), blaming this concentration of forces.

To convince us that we must not be so afraid of planetary gathering we can look at a not so distant past, more or less in the same days of 1962, when between the 4th and 5th of that month there were even 7 planetary forces that lived in Aquarius.

Do any of you know or remember apocalypses, cataclysms or situations so special and close to those days? No, nothing so special happened.

Let’s prepare with this January 2021 horoscope for a particular moment, trying to understand, sign by sign how we could deal with planetary concentration.

Aries: very strong the call towards the future, towards dreams and destinies that light up you.

Bull: so many things to do, promises and challenges that speak of work, of growth.

Gemini: special moment to decide to treat yourself to something beautiful and important.

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Cancer: someone next to you is taking a challenge, a task very seriously.

Lion: a thousand oppositions, as many challenges for relationships and relationships that are experiencing an important, delicate moment.

Virgin: definitely a time that helps you to take better care of your body and well-being.

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Weight scale: images, dreams and inventions. You will be in the mood to express perhaps a unique creativity.

Scorpio: You will have to deal with personal things that require more attention.

Sagittarius: the time has come to truly make a pact with the world around you.

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Capricorn: practical and personal challenges, things to do that will judge you, but that will amuse you at the same time.

aquarium: it will be a very intense time, made up of a thousand things, opportunities and incredible movements.

Fishes: the stars prepare something for you that you can only start seeing in summer.

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