Giorgio Armani – we found out – is a huge fan of Dua Lipa. Says the singer’s legendary designer: “It’s a rare combination of talent, style, beauty and determination, and what’s more, it has a conscience.” When it came to dressing the “Levitating” singer for British Vogue’s February 2021 issue, Giorgio Armani was a natural fit. Dua Lipa shines in a beaded jersey dress of the spring summer 2021 collection (look number 82), which has the glam style of old Hollywood. Here Armani explains us that basics are the secret to a lasting style, and that if you “behave glamorously, you will be glamorous”, just like Dua.

Dua Lipa in Armani on the cover of Vogue UK in February

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Why is Dua’s cover look special?

“This elegant black dress is in many ways the synthesis of the Armani evening style. It looks simple on the surface, but it’s cut to suggest shape and a fluid movement that respects the contours of the body, while the embroidery makes it sparkle in the light as the wearer moves. I prefer to create something that looks timeless and elegant, I believe this is the essence of true refinement“.

How to wear a black evening dress?

“It was my mother who gave me invaluable advice. He said that if you want to create beauty, you have to stop at what is necessary, without adding anything more. So, in my opinion, to an eye-catching dress like this, where the interest lies in the decoration of the fabric itself, just combine a pair of earrings, simple shoes and a clutch bag. There is no need for anything else. The black dress is a statement in itself, so jewelry and accessories should be kept to a minimum“.

Will glamor return in 2021 or has 2020 changed our style forever?

“I think he will come back. The unusual situation we’ve all lived in over the past year has made people crave beauty and glamor. And while we can indulge in comfortable and simple clothes at home, I don’t think people want to dress up and look good any less than they did before the pandemic. Because looking good is also part of feeling good. Once we are able to live our lives in a more normal way again, I believe we will see people’s desire for glamor resurface. We will come back to wish for the beautiful dresses and accessories. Something similar happened in Italy after the Second World War ”.

How to make a classic evening dress contemporary?

“Certainly not trying to make it look modern. Drawing by subtraction. I take off to leave the essential. So a modern Armani evening dress is a dress that isn’t overdone, isn’t vulgar, isn’t ostentatious. It’s always about cut and fabric: the basics. If you do them well you will have done a good job as a designer. This has been my aesthetic approach from the start and while it results in a timeless style rather than a pursuit of transient trends, it paradoxically guarantees a modern look. You can’t look dated if you don’t follow trends. This is one of the secrets of an exceptional and lasting design“.

How to be glamorous in these new times?

“Glamor is about how you present yourself, but it’s more of an attitude. Like beauty, it comes from within. As a designer, I just bring out what’s there and show it to the fullest: my goal is to show the wearer’s character. This is modern glamor: it does not rely on the “disguise” of a dress, but shines, authentically, with clothing as a frame, not a substitute, of personality. Behave glamorously and you will be glamorous. Make yourself charming on your terms and you will be amazed “.

This article was published on British Vogue

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